4-CEC Effects: Why 4-CEC Prescribed For? BUY 4-CEC ONLINE

Nowadays, 4-cec effects have become quite popular as a research chemical. Besides acting as a chemical, people can also take 4-sec as a drug. 4-cec is the latest invented chemical in the laboratory.

 As it is a discovery medical science, the information related to 4-cec is not adequate. 4-cmc and clephedrone are other identities of 4-cec. Clephedrone is not a legal type of drug or chemical to every country.

What is 4-cec mean

4-cec stands for 4-chloroethcathinone. 4-cec has the potentiality to have multipurpose uses. Generally, it is a kind of stimulant drug which belongs to the cathinone class.

Here, cathinone is a part of the benzoylethanamine group. Cathinone is a derivative of cathaedul is, which is a plant. Cathinone makes 4-cec similar to methcathinone.

4-cec is a vital part of laboratory research chemicals. 4-cec is a kind of designer drug. It is a featuring drug of phenethylamine group combined with an alkyl group.

The main formula of 4-cec is attached to the alpha carbon. There exit a ketone group along with the beta carbon.

 4-cec can make an impact widely as a biochemical. 4-cec can majorly take part in the mass spectrometry field. In the research purpose, mainly 4-cec is involved in neuroscience and forensic science.

Why 4-cec prescribed for

According to studies, 4-cec is a recreational drug of designing term. Doctors around the world prescribed 4-cec mainly as a stimulant type of medication.

As 4-cec has stimulant properties, people can use it for activating the central nervous system than 4-cec takes part in the increasing activity of the central nervous system.

Besides acting at the central nervous system, it can also involve in sympathomimetic effects. Some people always have problems related to their mood and emotional senses. A person when feels a disturbance in their attitude can take 4-cec as a stimulant drug.

4-cec can help to transmit electrical impulses from the body to the central nervous system. This may help a person to feel the emotional senses and behavioral ability.

Furthermore, doctors prescribe 4-cec for increasing the ability of

–    Focusing

–    Vigor

–    Social capability

 In some cases, when a person is involved with a higher amount of sleep, 4-cec can be used for decreasing the need for sleep. Some people take 4-cec as a combined drug for minimizing withdrawal symptoms of other medicine.Woman taking Pill

4-cec dosage

4-cec dosage plays a vital role in getting ideal therapeutic efficacy from it. A person who is intended to take 4-cec as a medication must be aware of making a suitable dose according to the condition.

A doctor’s consultation is mandatory for getting ideal therapy. The doses of getting ideal therapy are included below-

–    Light dose: 45-85 mg

–    Common dose: 80-130 mg

–    Strong dose: 125-225 mg

–    Heavy dose: 230 mg+

The dose is shown above are not suitable for every condition of patients. Mainly adults can take it as their required amount. Children are supposed to take fewer doses than adults.

4-cec effect     

The 4-cec effect can be a good choice of medication among various types of people. By taking the appropriate dose of 4-ceca person can get the best effects throughout the main purpose.

Mainly 4-cec can affect as a vital stimulant. A category of stimulating drugs can act to the central nervous system with high potentiality. Not only as a drug but also 4-cec can take part as a chemical substance in researching purposes.

Comparing to other chemicals, 4-cec is invented with extended terms. 4-cec is involved in dopamine-releasing of serotonin and epinephrine. The serotonin release is initiated to the central nervous system.

Some people use 4-cec for their recreational effects, which is not suitable for human health. Very few chemicals have an impact on mass spectrometry; 4-cec is one of those rare chemicals.

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Buy 4-cec online

Mainly people buy 4-cec for two different purposes, they are-

–    As a drug

–    As a chemical substance

As 4-cec can act as an anticonvulsant drug.The demand for buying 4-cec in increasing day by day. People can buy 4-cec from online medicine shops or local medicine outlets.

Buying 4-cec online is much easier than buying it from local outlets. Before buying 4-cec online, a person must compare the shops with the price and product quality.

People should also observe the public review on the product of a specific shop. From buying online, a person can get rapid overnight delivery of 4-cec in emergency cases.

Before buying 4-cec, patients must consult with the doctor about their dose. A person must follow the doctor’s prescription through the entire period of treatment.

 An overdose of 4-cec is strictly prohibited as it causes harmful effects. It is always ideal to buy 4-cec using the prescription. People should buy 4-cec from a licensed and trustable medicine shop.


4-cec can exert many hazardous effects on human health. The overdose of 4-cec is liable for causing an unwanted effect. So, there is always a warning matter of using 4-cec.

Mainly 4-cec overdose can cause euphoric effects both mentally and physically. Some people may either experience hallucinations when they take the heavy dose for a prolonged duration.

 Some might also feel slight burning of the compound after its ingestion. To avoid these physiological and toxicological properties of 4-cec, everyone should take the required dose.


4-cec is an ordinary member of the cathinone group, which is a stable formulation. The overdose of the 4-cec effect can cause a variety of fatal unwanted effects. Due to the pharmacokinetic impact, it is slightly different from other medications of this type.

In the chemical industry, 4-cec has a high value. Neuroscience and forensic science also use 4-cec for research purposes. As soon as a person faces any of the unwanted effects, immediately should go to the doctor.

Dose adjusting is a must concern for every individual. People must follow the doctor’s prescription and advice through the full treatment.


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