About Us

About Us

We are a versatile product selling online pharmacy. Generally, the pharmacies that you will find online are focused on selling only one product that is medicine. That is a noble thing, selling customers the product or medication that they are looking for. We also sell drugs. In this vast world of online selling products, we sell the top quality medicines you can ask for.

Our primary focus may be on selling medicines. But we also have included some other products which are highly demanded on the market. How and why did we add these products?  The answer would be to help the whole medical science. But we like to think about things differently. Why just sell medicines? Why not other related products?

To give you the idea, let me elaborate; you cannot just get the medicine first hand. To discover medicine and its properties, a large amount of effort goes into every step. The first step in discovering any medication is to select the compound from which medicinal or therapeutic properties would be used. These compounds are known in the manufacturing company as the raw materials. But these compounds are needed to be tested first. At the testing lab, the compounds are known as the testing elements.

These testing elements are hard to found. Another name for them is “Research chemicals” that name is self-explanatory (because they are being used in research). The research chemicals are known to have properties to cause changes in the human or animal body. The chemicals are needed to be tested to find out what medicinal wonders they possess. The research team or scientists always find it hard to find legit research chemical vendors.

So we decided to help these poor souls who dedicate their life behind the lab to make our health a little better by becoming the best research chemical vendors online.

Research chemical that we sell:

What are the sources of research chemicals? The substances that are extracted naturally from plants, or taken from different minerals or just parts of different plants are generally the natural sources of research chemical. Every chemical has separate property and use.

We have the top natural chemicals in stock. Our garden has all types of different plants growing in them to provide you the best quality of products. The ones which are super rare to the most common research chemical we have them all.

Now not all the chemicals that are used today come from natural sources. There is a large number of chemicals that are synthetic. We sell both artificial and natural products. For the manufactured product, we rely on our top quality suppliers.

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Who are our research chemical suppliers?

The best chemical production houses found in the world are pouring research chemical suppliers. The FDA always look for the best company and give them a certificate based on their performance. We also follow the same rule. The FDA approved manufacturing plants are our suppliers.

What do we sell besides RC chemicals?

Most of the medicine that we use for rare diseases come from venoms. The variety of the animal kingdom has bestowed us with so many species, and some species produce venoms for their defensive reasons. These venoms are used today for medicines and vaccines.

Scorpion venoms:

Scorpion is one of the most venomous animals on the face of the earth. You can buy scorpion venom from our online pharmacy. We have scorpion venom for sale. Get the pure venom from our online pharmacy.

Frog venom:

frogs usually do not contain venoms. But the ones who do are proven to be deadly. The rare frogs which produce venoms are breaded by our local experts. You can buy frog venom from us.

You can buy bufo alvarius, the most common poisonous frog that is used for research as well from our online pharmacy.

Snake venom:

The most common venom that people have been using for years in research and medicinal purposes is the snake venom. The first venom that humans tried to convert into medicine was snake venom. There are still thousands of properties that are needed to discover.

We are selling snake venom to our customers for a long time. We sell them in different quantities at different times. We have a snake farm of our own. You can buy the best quality of snake venom from us.

We are the most trusted RC chemical vendor online. Do not judge us by listing to our words. Go ahead and ask our customers. Or just try buying a product from us. We will guarantee you that we are the best online pharmacy. Why?

  1.   Because we sell the most excellent products.  Our suppliers are the best that the world has to offer.
  2.   We are approved by the FDA. Yes, FDA gave us their approval that we are the top branded online RC vendors.
  3.   We sell all types of research chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about availability.
  4.   We sell all kinds of venoms.
  5.   ALL the venomous animals are our own.
  6.   You can buy the venomous animals if you want.
  7.   We are registered by the state.
  8.   We are designated by the government.

So you can buy your research chemical from us. We are happy to help you sell you the product that you are looking for. And help you to continue your research.

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