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Etizolam Overdose: How Much Etizolam Is Too Much?

Etizolam a high amount of therapeutic effects, but Etizolam overdose can cause many fatal severe effects. Sleeping disorder is one of the typical kinds of problems that a person faces in regular life. Etizolam is a kind of medication that mainly can relief all types of sleeping disorders and disturbance. In 1983 the people in Japan for the first time used Etizolam as medication.

They were highly encouraged to use it more and more after the first introduction. But some countries like the USA did not approve. Etizolam is a therapeutic medication. Though Etizolam is not acceptable as medication in some states, it can be legal for researching.

What is Etizolam?      

Etizolam has become a kind of popular medication among almost every class of people worldwide. Mainly Etizolam can act as a CNS depressant medication. Etizolam is a group of Benzodiazepine medication that is derived from thienodiazepine. When chemically structured, a thiophene ring can substitute the benzene ring, which makes a potential difference with the benzodiazepine group.

Mainly, Etizolam has hypnotic and sedative properties. So people can take it for inducing better sleep. Again Etizolam can possess anxiolytic and anticonvulsant therapeutic effects. Etizolam can also act as a skeleton muscle relaxant when a person uses it as a medication. In some cases when a person suffers from an anxiety-related disorder like-

–    Depression

–    Insomnia

–    Sudden panic

–    Different type of seizers

They can take Etizolam as ideal mediation. There are various brands available with different trade names of Etizolam medication. Most commonly, people take Etilaam, Etizest, at the Etizolam brand. Mainly Etizolam can be administered through oral, sublingual, rectal route.

A person can moderately become depended on Etizolam. The bioavailability of Etizolam in adults is almost 93%, which is very high. After the administration, Etizolam metabolized to the hepatic route.

Types of Etizolam (available dosage) 

Etizolam is available in various brand names with a different kind of doses. All the types of treatments are not favorable for everyone. It is a concerning matter to know about the appropriate dose adjustment of the individuals according to their conditions.

Different oral doses of Etizolam for adults they are available as-

–    Light dose: around 0.5-1 mg

–    Common dose: 1-2 mg

–    Strong dose: 2-5 mg

–    Heavy dose: 5 mg+

All these dose types of Etizolam are not suitable for every patient. Their dosage depends on the age, gender, physical condition, and the history of taking drugs.  The overdose side effects of Etizolam can cause the death penalty. So, everyone should be careful about maintaining their type of dosage.

How to take a normal dosage of Etizolam 

The therapeutic efficacy of Etizolam depends on the methods of it. Again the using of Etizolam heavily depends upon the required doses for individual patients. Not only buy Etizolam is essential, but also it is mandatory to know the necessary amount of doses of it.  There are a different amount of doses available for Etizolam. A person must consult with the doctor to get their necessary treatment.

The light dose is required at the preliminary stage of taking Etizolam for adults. Common is always moderate for every patient. A person takes a healthy dose when they need rapid treatment. In emergency cases, heavy doses of Etizolam can be an option for treatment. The overdose of Etizolam is strictly prohibited. Etizolam doses are not recommended for children under 18 years old.

medicine overdose

Etizolam Overdose symptoms     

Etizolam is very narcotic and sedative. So, the overdose of Etizolam can exert many unwanted severe effects. Etizolam overdose can drive a person to addiction.

Some people intentionally take an overdose of Etizolam for recreational purposes. This is a kind of punishable crime. There are some symptoms available for Etizolam overdose.

At the next stage of the arrival of the symptoms, a person should, as soon as possible, go to the doctor. Etizolam taking with alcohol can make a person high enough to get addicted.

Some various signs are Etizolam overdoses mentioning in below-

–    Nausea

–    Vomiting

–    Respiratory depression

–    Loss of muscle coordination

–    Tiredness

–    Weakness

–    Drowsiness

–    Blurry vision

–    Passing out

Some other extreme overdose symptoms are-

–    Bradycardia

–    Hypothermia

–    Rhabdomyolysis

Overdose effects of Etizolam    

Though Etizolam is an effective sedative medication, the overdose of Etizolam can be hazardous. So, people must maintain the user manual of Etizolam medication. Etizolam overdose amount has to be minimized.

The overdose of Etizolam has a lot of side effects. These side effects can be as harmful as causing death. Some people intentionally take an overdose of Etizolam, which may make them addicted to it.

A person must consult with the doctor before taking Etizolam for an ideal dose. The light and standard treatment of Etizolam has moderately less chance of causing side effects.

On the other hand, the healthy and heavy dose of Etizolam has more chance of causing unwanted effects. Etizolam higher dose can make a person addicted.

Some common side effects are-

–    Problems with memory

–    Discomfort of stomach

–    Excessive salivation

–    Confusion

–    Urinary retention

–    Slurred speech

–    Uncontrolled shaking

–    Muscles weakness

Etizolam can be habit-forming, so the use of Etizolam has to be limited. Pregnant women should use it in any condition.

Etizolam overdose treatment

Not a vast option of treatment is available for curing Etizolam overdose. When a person is conscious, they can hurt themselves, or sometimes they try to pass out without someone nearby. When the person passed out immediately, they have to be moved into the recovery stage.

Combining with some other drugs, Etizolam can also abuse patients. Etizolam acts via binding to the GABA receptors in the CNS. So the overdose of Etizolam can be minimized by using flumazenil.

Flumazenil is a reversely acting medication that can decrease the effect of Etizolam. But people must be aware of using too much flumazenil.

Excessive use of flumazenil can be life-threatening. In the significant stage of Etizolam overdose, a person should be hospitalized.

Another convenient way of treating addiction to Etizolam is a detox program. It is medical supervision, which is safe as treatment.

Read more about Etizolam’s best uses.


Etizolam is mainly a sedative and anxiolytic agent which people use for treating sleeping disorders. The higher taking of Etizolam for a long duration can cause Etizolam overdose.

Besides acting as a sleeping disorder reliever, it also has anticonvulsant and amnesic properties. The therapeutic efficacy of Etizolam depends on the uses of its doses. Overtaking of Etizolam is hazardous. So you should be careful before buying Etizolam.

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