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You can return your item, but you have to the full delivery charge and 10% of the product price

We are registered by the FDA and the state government as well as the national government. So you can be assured by the company that you are safe.

We offer all types of payment options, including credit card, debit card, MasterCard, VISA, and AMEX. You can also use Google money, imoney, etc. medium. You also have the option of paying us to our deliveryman.

YES, we do. We ship all around the globe.

It is our responsibility. We will send you your product within ten days and expect us to give a full refund if not.

We have almost all types of research chemicals and venoms used for medical research. If you think you need to order something that is not on the list, then contact our team, and we will send you the product.

We will match the price as long as the government and the FDA register that vendor.

No, it is not compliant with PayPal’s terms and conditions to buy or sell any type of research chemicals using their method of payment. Using PayPal for such purpose will cause the individual to get banded form using their service for eighty days. So we do not accept PayPal.

Prepuchases Question

You can use your discount codes when placing your order. An option will pop up, asking if you have any discount codes. If you answer yes, then you will be asked to submit it. Once you have submitted your code, you will be given a discount.

It usually takes around seven days. But you have to option of selecting express delivery. With that, you can expect to get your product overnight to within three days of placing your order.

Depending on what you ordered, your item will be packaged. If you order venoms, then the venoms will be packed in a glass jar and then packaged carefully. If you have ordered something else, then the appropriate package will be used to cover that product, so it does not get degraded.

All our orders get an email. If your order was placed or not, you must have gotten an email. If you cannot find the email, then please check your spam box or junk box. Some email provider moves those emails there. Please direct our mail address to your inbox. Be sure to check your email if you have given us the correct one. And click here to find out more.

From a few milligrams to 40 kg, you can order any amount as long as you have the permission or prescription.

Yes, we give a tracking number, and with that, you can track your product.

We do. For a large order, you will be given a free shipment of your product, and a discount code will also be provided. You can use the discount on our next purchase.

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