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How Can I Get High Off Tramadol: Is It Risky?

Tramadol is described as an opioid-like analgesic, which works as a pain reliever. Tramadol has the characteristic of making persons feel high. So, it is necessary to know about how can I get high off tramadol. Like another narcotic drug such as morphine, codeine etc.

Tramadol is not as potent as these drugs. By taking tramadol more than needed can result in tramadol addiction.  Though it is less potent, it can be abused by taking an overdose.

Tramadol is taken in regular interval to minimize severe or moderate pain. It inserts its therapeutic effects by acting as a serotonin and norephedrine reuptake inhibitor. For this mood changing capability, there is a risk of getting high or sometimes being addicted. It is generally less intense than other narcotics so that tramadol has less chance of getting high.

Tramadol can be produced mood-enhancing, sometimes sedating and relaxing effects. The intensity of tramadol depends upon the personal factors of the existing patient.

Sometimes it is willingly used for recreational elements. So people with different access to other opioids will usually select tramadol. When it lacks mood enhancement, it may just produce restlessness and GI discomfort. Thus patients can get high off taking tramadol.

How Can I Get High Off Tramadol

The risk factors related with how can I get high off tramadol

In some cases, when tramadol is taken excessively or more than required can cause harm or addiction. Those users who respect their doctor’s guidelines never experience any problems or side effects. Depending on the user, some might not face the indication like euphoric sensation at tramadol taken. Tramadol and alcohol are quite similar as they are addictive at higher taking.

We should carefully handle the tramadol dose adjustment.  Tramadol interaction with other medicines can make an impact on the patient either in both ways. When tramadol is taken orally, it can first pass through the liver.

At the immediate released of the pills into the body will level the drug almost for two hours of the peak. Tramadol can be administered orally in two different terms, including the medical and non-medical category.


Instant release:  An ideal dose should be considered as a 50-100mg maximum of four times per day. Over 400mg per day taking tramadol can be harmful.

Extended-release: This formulation can be administered once or twice daily with, the maximum dose of 400mg.


Orally can be applied as-

  • Light: 50-100mg
  • Common: 100-250mg
  • Strong: 250-350mg

How tramadol addicts you

The patients that do not suffer from severe pain usually need a smaller dose to reach a high. Some enjoy 50mg while some others take up to 200mg. It is a concerning fact that 300-400mg is the upper safety limit.

By crossing this safety limit, the undesirable side effects started to climb up. Two specific results of a tramadol high can be shown as-

  1. A state relaxation and insomnia.
  2. Feeling of high temperature and good condition.

When the desired fades away, an unpleasant sensation can take place. By snorting tramadol to achieve faster results in a higher amount can make the person highly addicted.

What does tramadol high feel like

Besides acting on opioid receptors in the nervous system to relieve pain. This increase causes the sensation of virtual pleasure and better enrollment. A person faces some undesired effects after experiencing a high of tramadol; this will occur immediately after the high. The after-effects act as a good indicator that their dose is too high.

A final thought on getting high taking tramadol

However, involved with any active substance.  The criteria followed by the fact of how can I get of tramadol should be appropriately maintained. A person can undergo harmful effects resulting in tramadol overdose.The calculation of tramadol dose adjustment is tough.

So, it is mandatory to follow up with doctors instructions. The given amount has to be enough to reduce pain but not much as causing side effects. To refrain from the withdrawal symptoms its necessary to slowly discontinue the medicine. That’s how we should stop tramadol treatment.

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