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How Long Does Zolpidem Stay In Your System

Zolpidem is a fast asleep medicine, which helps a patient who has trouble sleeping. It is the group of the sedative-hypnotic drug. In 1992, the United States approved this medicine as medical uses. In 2007, it was available to use as a generic medication.

There are bad aspects as well as good ones. So before using it, the patient should be known about it, what it is used for, how to take it, what is it an overdose, what it is a side effect, how long does zolpidem stay in your system, etc. So the patient should be aware of taking this medicine.

What is Zolpidem

Zolpidem has a synonym that is zolpidem tartrate. Its generic name is zolpidem. And most used brand names are Ambien, Edluar, Intermezzo, Zolpimist, etc. and they are also an immediate-release form of zolpidem.

This medicine is a group of the sedative-hypnotic drug. Sedative-hypnotic means induce calm or induce sleep, which refers that it reduces anxiety and tension of the patient and relaxation of their brain. Zolpidem is a medicine that helps a patient to recover his or her sleep disorder and fall asleep fast. Zolpidem emission chemical which is reacted with the brain when it is unbalanced. When a patient goes to bed first Ambien, Edluar, Zolpimist form of zolpidem help the patient fall asleep first.

But in some cases when a patient wakes up middle of the night and trouble sleeping then intermezzo form of zolpidem help the patient again to sleep. This medicine is accessible to the patient for its activity and inexpensiveness.

But the problem is a patient never buy this medicine without prescribed by a doctor because the doctor knows which zolpidem form is perfect for a patient.

How to use zolpidem

Zolpidem is used for falling fast asleep who has sleeping trouble. Zolpidem is taken by orally. The patient swallows the medicine, which is tablet form, eat the whole tablet with water but don’t break it or make not half of the tablet.

The patient will take this drug before bedtime, not after dinner. This drug works fast when a patient takes it in empty stomach. Before taking this drug, the patient should be consulting with the doctor.

Because its recommended dosage is not the same for the woman and man. This drug also not approved for the children. It shows its effect so fast and patient sleep well at least 7 to 8 hours. But too much taken at a time its harmful for the patient. But when zolpidem is taken beside other drugs, its effect is less or not work correctly.

 Such as drugs are antibiotics, anticonvulsant drugs, etc. So before taking zolpidem for its better action, don’t make such this drug or zolpidem effect of activity is low. This drug better uses for insomnia patient.

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The time duration of zolpidem existence in the human body system

Zolpidem effect lasts in the human body varies according to the patient’s age, weight, height, metabolic rate, genetics, etc. Some patient ask or want to know how long does zolpidem stay in the human body system or how long zolpidem stay in urine/blood.


 Zolpidem has a short half-life which is two to three hours. Its average half-life is counted 2.6 hours. So an entire dose of zolpidem will remain in the human body system roughly for 11 hours to 16.5 hours. The average patient may be taken 14 hours. Zolpidem detection can be done by testing human urine, saliva, hair, blood, etc.

  • In urine, it stays three days following the last dose. (72 hours)
  • In saliva, it remains 15 mins for a first taste.
  • In blood, it remains 10 to 14 hours.
  • In hair, it remains at least 90 days.

These are the time duration of zolpidem existence in the human body.

The time duration of zolpidem existence in the human body urine

Zolpidem existence in the human body varies to the patient’s age, weight, metabolic rate, height, etc. zolpidem has a short half-life. But the question is how long does zolpidem stay in your urine.

The estimated time of urine remains, a human body is three days at least after the patient takes his or her last doses. That means 72 hours at least. This time duration depends on the patient urinary system.

Someone who has a well-hydrated flow, then his or her time duration of existence zolpidem in urine is low. On the other hand, who has a problem in the urinary system such as not well-hydrated flow than his or her, the time duration is maximally three days or 72 hours.

The time duration of zolpidem existence in the human body blood

Because of short zolpidem half-life, which is 2 to 3 hours, it stays in the human body also a short period. So now what about blood. How long does zolpidem stay in your blood, that all need to know a patient?

So when a patient takes zolpidem, it appears in the blood around 1.6 hours. And in the blood test, it seems almost 30 mins after using the drug. The detection time is short. But after all, zolpidem stays a human body blood system at least 10 hours to 14 hours. It also varies patient to patient age, height, weight, body function, etc.

The final concept of zolpidem

 So we know that zolpidem is a medicine or drug which helps us to relieve the sleeping problem, such as who has insomnia. The effects are more significant when it is not combined with other medications, such as antibiotics, anticonvulsant drugs, etc.

But the matter is without knowing its perfect dosages and forms; it can cause fatal problems. So before taking zolpidem, we must be in contact with a doctor for knowing its ideal dosages based on the patient’s body condition.

The overdose of zolpidem can cause death. This overdose can happen accidentally. So before taking the drug, people should be consulting with the physicians and be aware of it. And also that the drug is not recommended for children.

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