Amphetamine is a medicine which is used to treat attention deficit disorder, obesity, and narcolepsy. Cathinone and amphetamine have quite the same chemical structure. A bush-like tree known as Khat is the primary source of this chemical.

The main difference between the chemical structure of Cathinone and amphetamine is the ketone functional ring. Some of the other stimulants (phenethylamines) also share the same structure. The common stimulants are Methcathinone, mephedrone etc.

If someone needs to buy Cathinone, he must carry a prescription or a government order.

What is Cathinone

Trees are not the primary source of extraction for Cathinone. It is an artificial product made in laboratories. The synthetic products are sold. The manufactured product is known as “Bath Salts.” This human-made stimulant has the same chemical structure the same as Cathinone extracted from the trees.

The synthetic Cathinone has a higher effect than the natural one. This synthetic product is stronger. But in many cases, it may also be dangerous. Cathinone has stimulant effects.

Health officials put drugs into various groups. Cathinone belongs to the group known as “new psychoactive substances” also known as NSP. The characteristic of this group is their mind-altering ability.

NSP drugs are designed in the lab to mimic the effects of natural substances. They are illegal in the market. Providers quickly introduce these drugs under a certain brand name, and before the law enforcement agencies can catch them, the product is out of the market. After a while, another product is launched.

What is Cathinone used for

Cathinones look like white or brown powder. They are like crystal. Plastic foils are the primary packaging materials. The plastic container must carry a label stating, “Not for Human Consumption.” The other tags used are “bath salts,” “plant food,” “Phone screen cleaner,” and “Jewelry Cleaner.”

Synthetic Cathinone is now a part of the drug that is to be used by the public. Synthetic Cathinone is now known as the “new psychoactive substances” (NSP). Cathinone has unregulated psychoactive properties. They alter the mind of the consumer.

They are not yet legitimate to be sold in the market because the medical use legitimacy is not approved yet. This drug only mimics the effects of the control substances.

Cathinone is not openly introduced into the market; they are consistently introduced and withdrawn from the market to hide from the law enforcement agencies.

The joint effects of Cathinone are:

• Paranoia: people begin to distrust others

• Hallucinations

• Viagra effects

• Panic attack

• Excited delirium- suddenly shows extreme agitation and violent behavior.

Cathinone dosage

Cathinone is a synthetic form of the plant extract known as Khat. The proper dosage form of this drug is unclear. Research to find the correct dose is still running. But it will depend on several factors. The users’ health condition, age, gender, and several other factors will be used to determine the correct dosage.

At this time, not enough studies have been conducted to know the appropriate dose of Cathinone. So the range of the treatment is not known. Keeping in mind that natural products are not always safe, and it is still necessary to keep the dose safe, and dosage range is essential.

For traditional purposed, 100 to 300 gm of fresh leaves are instructed to chew. The chewed substance releases a juice. The juice is the desired substance. The effect of the Khat will last for 3 to 4 hours. The pharmacokinetic dose is around 0.8mg/kg.

How long does Cathinone stay in your system

The duration of how, after taking the drug, can be detected is dependent on many factors. The age of the patients, the metabolism and excretion rate of the patient, the amount of the drug taken, etc. upon large dosage the time Cathinone will stay in the system will be dependent.

It is popularized and sold under names such as “Bath salts,” “Plant fertilizers.” “Research Chemicals” etc. but it is a powerful psycho-stimulant, and people use it for recreational purposes.

After 2016 we can rapidly test the trace of Cathinone in the urine. Before that, no test for the detection of urine is developed. In minutes now, Cathinone can be detected.

The Narco Check Meth Cathinone test is the quickest method to find out Cathinone in consumers’ bodies. This test is a qualitative immunoassay and delivers a result positive or negative.

Around 500 ng/ml cathinone in urine can be detected by using this method, even after consumption of Cathinone from 1 to 3 days.

So it is safe to say that Cathinone can be detected in the system even after 1 to 3 days.

Cathinone effects

Cathinone drugs always have side effects. No amount of drug is safe; the synthetic Cathinone can have an impact on everyone based on

• The amount of medication taken

• The patient’s weight, size, and health.

• The habit of taking Cathinone by the patients.

• The other drugs administered at the same time.

• The strength of the medicine.

Some of the common effects of using this drug are:

I. The rush of intense pleasure

II. Feeling energetic, talkative and happy feelings

III. Feeling connected to the music

IV. Restless sleep

V. Tension in the muscle in jaw and face.

VI. Blurred vision

VII. Drying mouth

VIII. Thirst

IX. Light head

X. Sweating

XI. Trouble memorizing

XII. Trouble eating

Higher doses may result in the following adverse effects:

A. anxiety or depression

B. get scared of things

C. nose bleeds

D. stomach pains

E. nausea

F. vomiting

G. rashes on the skin

H. faster or irregular beating of the heart

I. high blood pressure and hot flushes

J. strong need to re-dose

K. Pain in the chest cavity

L. tremors, convulsions, death.

Pregnent woman

Cathinone use during pregnancy

Cathinone is a drug that is not safe in any dosage form. People who take this suffer from different complications. Women during pregnancy, if they chew this medication, will get affected by them. A study showed that fetal health and wellbeing would be significantly affected.

Women who are pregnant can suffer from hypertension, which can lead to new onset of arrhythmia. Cathinone is an illicit listed drug, so the intake of this drug substance will hurt the heart. Also, this can create toxicity. Routine urine drug screening showed that the trace amount of drugs found on the test.

Where can I purchase cathinone bath salts

Synthetic Cathinone’s as the chemical derivatives of the plant Kath is what the people look for. They have stimulant effects. A variety of drugs sold under different brand names. And from gas station shops, convenience stores and garden supply stores sell them.

People buy Cathinone from a variety of sources. From online and in drug paraphernalia stores under a variety of brand names, like:

• Bliss

• Cloud Nine

• Lunar Wave

• Vanilla Sky

• White Lightning

Buy Cathinone online

Cathinone’s are chemically related to the group amphetamines. The discovery of Cathinone was from leaves of khat trees. The source was first only from natural sources, but then the chemical was synthesized in the laboratory.

This chemical is not legal to sell in many countries because of its recreational use. But for research purposes, Cathinone is marketed to sell. The synthetic Cathinone is proved to produce effects such as raised heart rate, blood pressure increase, anxiety, sleep deprivation, etc.

Cathinone is a habit-forming agent, and have deadly withdrawal effects too. Cathinone overdose can promote stroke in humans. This dangerous drug is only sold for research. The proper way to buy Cathinone is to have permission and ask for the powder from the manufacturer.

For forensic and research purposes, many manufacturers sell this drug, and upon ordering, they provide the chemical to the doorsteps.

Some of the online stores which sell Cathinone are listed below:



Additional Information

The consumer usually takes cathinone or bath salts up the nose. But it can also be taken via injection, smoke, as oral dose swallowed or even rectally. The toxic properties of this drug are yet to be determined.

The toxic dose can also be variable due to its illegal nature. The risk increases due to the packaging. The retailer packages the product for 500 milligrams, and often the consumer takes the full. If the dose ingested orally, then the absorption will peak at about 1.5 hours after injection.

The effects of the drug will last for 4 to 5 hours, and then the consumer will feel like he crashed. The total experience tends to last for 8 hours or even longer. Snorting or injecting of this drug has an even more significant hazardous impact on the consumer.


Much information is yet to be learned from the use of bath salts or Cathinone. The synthetic Cathinone is marketed as a cheap or substandard substitute. Other stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine are slowly being replaced by cathine. Other products, such as Molly, can also carry Cathinone instead.

Cathinone can be taken via the oral route, snort, smoke, or injection. The oral form has a lesser hazardous effect. It has addictive properties. Behavior therapy is the only way to treat addiction from Cathinone. Besides that, no other medicine is currently available to treat addiction.


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