Is It Safe To Buy 1P-LSD Online: Know Before BUY 1P-LSD

1p lsd is a semi-synthesized compound of the lizardamide family that can be considered as similar to LSD.We have come to know that 1PLSD can also act as a prodrug of LSD.


1P LSD appeared in 2015.  The first online research that appeared in the chemical market.

Although previous history suggests that it was probably invented in an academic setting.Although it is unknown until now, the first K1P synthesized LSD because no research in the academic literature of this substance has appeared on the chemical market as pre-dating.Interestingly, it is a controlled substance banned as a precursor.It reports from 1988 on the use of 1 alkylated lizargamide as a way to bypass the laws.

What is 1p-lsd?

1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide short as 1p LSD is a psychedelic, denoting, hallucination or cocaine type of drugs of a Lysergamide class.

Subjectively, people assume and say that LSD is like 1p-LSd. Chemically the only difference between these two drugs is that 1S LSD has a tiny or small propionyl group that binds to 1 position or location of LSD or somewhat to indole ring.

structure of 1p-lsd

It is named for the propyl group bound to nitrogen in the LSD polycyclic indole group. Propionyl mainly consists of the carbonyl chain which is ( CH3CH2CO- ) bound or affixed to an amino group. Over all we can say 1PLSD is very important and effective drug rather than LSD.

1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide Pharmacology

Considering its structural similarity to lsd, 1 plsd probably acts as a partial agonist for the 5HT2A receptor.In the initial stages, psychedelic effects are delivered to the brain.Usually 5 HP2A receptors are sent to the brain. Its effectiveness ,utility and usefulness is very admirable and expected .

1P LSD probably exhibits inhibitory activity in a wide range of monoamine receptors.However, there is currently no information to support their claims. From many studies and some follow-up studies we have found that 1PLSD drugs are much more frequently administered.1 plsd showed much higher chemical hydrolysis breakdown than 5ht receptors.

1p-lsd effects

It has many reactions or effects.  Some of them are physical effects, cognitive effects, auditory effects, visual effects, multi-sensory effects, transpersonal effects, hallucinatory states, combinations effects etc.

We have taken information from many uses and from the reports we have learned that the subjective effects of 1P lsd are so similar to LSD that it is virtually indistinguishable from each other.

There are some psychedelic ones whose physical, cognitive effects are usually not rapid and their stimuli are not rapid.  But compared to that kind of psychedelic, 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide is significantly more stimulating and quick to accomplish its physical and effects specific.

1P-LSD Over Dose


There is no toxic dose of 1 plsd. But taking too much of this drug can lead to many types of physiological reactions.Overdose causes many types of physiological reactions.

Some of these reactions are anxiety, delusion, panic attack etc. Benzodiazepine or antipsychotics can help a lot in relieving such negative effects.


Although no formal studies have been done, it is thought that its lsd is a little additive but 1p LSD is not addictive.

Although no successful literature report has been obtained, it is thought that many animal models have been infected or become highly addicted by taking lsd.And it is also thought that 1-plsd shares many types of elements or properties with lsd.

Treatment for LSD:

Even though LSD is considered a non-addictive drug, people who have taken LSD are very addicted to all the things they see or feel in the environment. There are many types of therapies available for the treatment of lsd such as group physical therapy or what type of disease is after learning its needs.

What is the difference between 1p-lsd and lsd 

From the discussions so far we have come to know that there is no difference between 1p lsd and lsd but most of them have more similarities.1PLSD is a research chemical.  That means it has been chemically researched but LSD has been scientifically studied on the other hand.

Is 1p lsd safe?

Although no formal studies have been conducted, it is assumed that 1p lsd is not less likely to be used as an LSd and 1-plsd is not used for drugs.LSD has a liability for misconduct and has previously recorded misconduct.But 1PLSD is just for safe use.

1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide effects are manufactured almost immediately after injection.Then it takes about 7 to 14 days to reduce the tolerance by half and return in seven days.It creates cross tolerance with all psychedelic.

Is it safe to buy 1p-lsd online

We have heard a lot of LSD abuse records. There are many trustworthy and authentic online websites or groups from which we make it very easy and we can buy or buy drugs very well.

And it is much safer to take medicine from these online websites.  Because they offer this service with a lot of caution and a lot of credibility.

Whenever you will search for a drug to purchase online, you can easily find information on such pages or websites  from which you can easily buy medicine. So it is safe to buy 1-plsd from online. But you have to be very careful with the fact of authenticity. So buy 1p LSD online is safe .

1p lsd vendor

 The vendors are meant to say that there are people in companies who maintain different types of drugs very well and deliver them safely to our people through shaping. And they give all kinds of information about those drugs to their website.

They give all information on their website  about the temperature at which a drug is stored and the capacity it contains, to what extent, to what ingredients.But there are some fraudulent people who also make a lot of money by selling various types of adulterated drugs and harming people like us.But those who are authentic serve very well.


Regardless of any disease or medicine, no medicine should be taken without consulting a doctor.So we must buy this drug with a prescription.

After knowing the information on the maintenance of this drug and many other types of internals information , we need to buy the drug.We also need to have an accurate idea of the difficulty of overdose of this drug.


Lastly, all we can say is that this medicine is very useful but we should take this medicine after knowing everything about its precautions and its prevention. Lsd is a bit analogue so it is much safer to take 1 plsd.

Compared to LSD 1-plsd is much better cleaned and available through quick and very good packaging. So buy 1p LSD online is convenient to know.


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