First of all, 4-mpd is a term that stands for 4-methylpentedrone. It is also known as 4-methyl-a-methylamino-valerophenone. 4-mpd is a type of designer drug.

As a designer drug, people can buy it from online medicine shops and local outlets. 4-mpd is a classification of schedule i drug. 4-mpd has not only industrial use but also people can use it scientifically.


The appearance of 4-mpd is related to the first invention of synthetic cathinones. Since 4-mpd is a derivative of cathinones, the historical background of 4-mpd is similar to it.

For the first time in the third decade of the twenty century, 4-mpd was introduced for medicinal purposes. Later on, people initiated 5-mpd as functioning for chemical and research purposes.

In the early twenty-first century, some people started to consume 4-mpd as recreational purposes. Before 2009 experts declared 4-mpd as an illegal substituent. In 2009 4-mpd appeared into the market along with its therapeutic and chemical efficiency.

4-methylpentedrone Chemistry

From the first day of invention till now, 4-mpd has been continuously modified. So, after the modification of 4-mpd every year, new derivatives takes place.

Due to the updated derivation, it can act as an illegal drug in the market place. It is a matter of analytical challenge to identify the components and substances. Chemically the root structure of 4-mpd is a derivation of natural cathinone.

Some people also consider 4-mpd as phenylethylamine derivatives. It can modify the molecules of amphetamine. Among the four divides groups of cathinone 4-mpd is a part of group 1, which N-alkyl group.

4mpd structure

4-mpd Pharmacology

4-mpd is a biologically, active alkaloid group of medication. The origin of 4-mpd is derived from cathaedulis. 4-mpd has a wide range of applications in the biochemical sector.

Since 4-mpd has psychoactive characteristics, people can utilize it for an extended period. As a stimulant drug, 4-mpd can directly act to the central nervous system.

4-mpd medication can enhance the activity of a central nervous system by transmitting electrical signals from the environment to the brain. The molar mass of 4-mpd is almost 205.302gm per mole.

Use of 4-mpd

Nowadays, 4-mpd has become a popular choice of medication all over the world. People can use 4-mpd for multipurpose functions. 4-mpd has a variety of therapeutic uses.

First of all, as a stimulant drug, people can use it when they suffer from the inactivity of the central nervous system. The doctor prescribes 4-mpd as a medicine in the treatment of several sleep disorders.

People can also use 4-mpd for treating more disorders and controlling impulse disorders. Some people take 4-mpd for stimulating sympathomimetic and parasympathomimetic drug effects.

4-mpd has a significant impact on research purposes. In the biochemical industry, people can use 4-mpd in mass spectrometry.

Is it safe to buy 4-mpd Online?

The availability of 4-mpd is essential as it has become a popular choice of medication. People can buy 4-mpd from various online shops. There are some instructions to follow to buy 4-mpd online safely.

Since it is a controlled drug, people must consult with the doctor before using it. To buy 4-mpd online to use of the prescription safely is a must.

A person has to compare the price and quality of 4-mpd substances from different online shops. There should be aware of illegal or unlicensed online shops.

A person should avoid buying an excess amount of 4-mpd. Buying 4-mpd online safely can reduce the unwanted effects of using it.


Some specific warning of taking 4-mpd is needed so that people can make it safely. Following the advice is a must for those people who have a lack of sense.

It is a must to avoid taking more than the required dose or high dose for individuals. Buying 4-mpd from a trustable and licensed online shop is a necessary warning.


4-mpd is a kind of medicament with great therapeutic value. It also has a high pharmacological demand for controlling neurologic dysfunction. 4-mpd makes a high impact on brain development.

4-mpd can support the behavior related to the external and internal environment. In laboratory researches, 4-mpd places a vital role as a chemical substance.

4-mpd can be applied to mass spectrometry. Patients must consult with the doctor about the doses before buying it.


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