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How can I Pay My Order

 According to our customer’s needs, we accept different methods of payment. Basically, we have three variant payment methods.

 Pay via Western Union & MoneyGram

 Our Customers are allowed to pay funds for their order through their nearest Western Union & MoneyGram agency.

What about Western Union and MoneyGram?

 Western Union & MoneyGram are two several methods for payment. They are two effective, stable, quicker, trusted ways of payments. With comparison to other analog methods of money transferring like a post or collecting money from a person, these two are more viable and trusted ways. 

Our customers of Meds Engages, can send your payment via Western Union & MoneyGram Online or their local agent. As a receiver, we will receive your funds from a participating agent. For collecting funds, we must show our ID to that participating agent.

 How to pay via Western Union & MoneyGram?

 Don’t get panic; follow some simple steps. To make payment Firstly, you have to know our Western Union and MoneyGram details. Before placing your order from our site, you can copy our or checkout our account details. Finally, after successfully placed your order, we will confirm yours via your providing Email Address.

 Once you successfully placed your order, you will receive a money transfer control number, also known as MTCN. You need to copy this MTCN number and the personal details which made this payment and sent this to our email so that we can verify your cash that is in the correct amount.

 After verification of your payments, then it will take a while, then we will change your order status to ‘awaiting shipment,’ then the dispatch process will be started, and you will receive your product as soon as possible.

 Pay via Bank Transfer 

Bank transfer is another way to transfer your funds to Meds Engages. Bank transfer can be performed via the local Bank, online, or telephone number of your Bank account. It will take about three working days to clear the transaction from the initial transfer date, and you should be aware of the additional charges while transferring your funds. For more details, you should contact the local banker.

 How can I pay via Bank Transfer?

 It’s another simple process, and You need our Bank Account details. You should copy and checkout before placing your payment or Contact Us. After your order is placed successfully, we will send details and confirmation Email. 

 Pay via Bitcoin 

You can also use the Bitcoin Payment system to pay for your order. These, Digital methods of Payment system were released as an open-source software system. Transection is Proceed via network nodes, and it will be recorded in a public distribution register, called a blockchain. The registry uses its account is called bitcoin. In this method, there is no intermediate person involved.  In this process, the transaction transfers from one personal account to another. Bitcoin is a decentralized Digital virtual Currency led by US Dollars.

If you are interested you can check our terms and condition for more information.

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