Our online pharmacy is intended to sell products for medicinal and research purposes. The research products that we sell are strictly for use in the medicinal sector and laboratories. Without informing us or giving details, we will not sell you the product.  

The privacy policy applies to all the websites that we relate to.  We are cautious about securing your data. Your privacy is our top concern. Your email, phone no, address everything will be stored, and no access will be given to anyone. We will not sell your information to any third party.  We respect your rights to have your privacy. This statement goes for any information given to us on this website. 

Privacy Policy of Medicine Review

There are some information’s we will be collecting: 

1.    Financial

To purchase your product, you will have to give us your private pieces of information like your bank account number and your credit card numbers. We will protect them.

2.    Social networking

You can link us with your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. We will gather our necessary information that you allow us to take and will not hamper any of our things. And no third party app will be given the information. 

3.    Location data

To send your product we will ask you for your location, you can provide us with your site via your device, or you can give us your address. We will store them both privately. 

4.    Email and mail

The billing address, voucher, the receipt everything will need to be sent to you via email or mail. This will secured. 

5.    Questions and answers 

The inquiries that you make are your own. We will not sell this information to anyone. You can trust us and ask anything you may like. 

We use all your information to: 

A.    Improve our website

B.    Help our marketing team

C.    Show your product that you might be interested in

D.    Deliver necessary news on your email

E.    Respond to your questions. 

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