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Name:  2-Fluoromethamphetamine

Other Names: 2 FMA

Formula:  C10H14FN

CAS number: 1017176-48-5

Molar mass:  167.223 g/mol g·mol−1

PubChem: 24257263

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2-fma buy all over the world is mainly proposed for different factors. People can use 2-fma both as a drug and research chemical. Since 2012, people started to use 2-fma for its therapeutic purposes.

As a type of research chemical 2-fma is still poor condition. So, the information about the 2-fma chemical substance is not adequate.

Mainly, 2-fma has similar properties with amphetamine and phenethylamine. Though 2-fma has identical characteristics, it has more potentiality than amphetamine.

The recreational effects of 2-fma are also less than phenethylamine. In the initial stage, 2-fma can produce more therapeutic efficacy comparing to unwanted effects.

By using 2-fma, people can minimize the euphoric effects of the relative drug. Comparing to modafinil 2-fma medication is more acceptable to patients. The productiveness of 2-fma is higher than recreational uses.

What is 2-fma?

Mainly 2-fma belongs from the class of methamphetamine group. Most importantly, 2-fma is identified as a type of designer drug. 2-fma is a stimulant drug which can be used in functional purposes.

The characteristics of 2-fma is quite similar to amphetamine. The substitution of 2-fma can be done with amphetamine. Moreover, the derivation of 2-fma is accomplished by fluorinated amphetamine family.

2fma vendor

When 2-fma is initiated as a research chemical is cannot be therapeutically used. The main route of administration for 2-fma through the oral way.  The mechanism of 2-for cannot be found elaborately as there is lack of researches.

2-fma can act as a releasing agent who is reliable for the dopamine release into the neurotransmitter. Not only 2-fma is an excellent choice of a stimulant, but also 2-fma can minimize the unwanted effects.

Moreover, 2-fma can enhance productivity or wellbeing. On the other hand, 2-fma is not considered a typical pushy substance. 2-fma can prevent the overflow of energy point during its accumulation.

Except to the oral route, 2-fma can also be inserted by insufflation. 2-fma is similar to lisdexamfetamine according to duration and production efficiency. There is also demand for 2-fma as a forensic chemical into the international market.

Use of 2-fma

2-fma is a substance that is characterized by multiple methods. Besides usi8ng 2-fma as a practical choice for stimulant medication, it can also be used as a research chemical in the laboratory.

People with an inactive response to the environment with the central nervous system can use the 2-for medication for stimulating the central nervous system.

On the other hand, some people who suffer from a lack of optimization can use 2-for for increasing their motivation. Some people might face depression or frequent mood swings. For treating this term and improving the mood and behaviors, 2-fma can be an option for therapeutic choice.

Doctors prescribe 2-fma to the people who face disturbance with concentrating on a particular fact. The use of 2-fma medication can also be applied to enhance the social ability and flexibility of a person with a more excellent perception.

2-fma can exert calming and soothing effects on a person who need to adjust their mood frequency. For forensic and individual researches, some researchers may use 2-fma as a vital chemical.


As a part of an amphetamine group of medication, 2-fma has some similarities with their subjective and adverse impact on words. The effect of 2-fma heavily depends upon frequent dosing of it.

A person who takes 2-fma for therapeutic purposes has to take the medication according to the correct dose for choice. The general productivity for the efficient therapeutic task might affect the effectiveness of a 2-fma medication. Moreover, higher doses can enhance the efficiency of treatment rapidly.

  •   Physical effects:
  1.   Stimulation of the CNS
  2.   Euphoric physical effects
  3.   Enhancement of the tactile
  4.   Enhancement of physical stamina
  5.   Heartbeat abnormality
  6.   High blood pressure
  7.   Dehydration
  8.   Dry and skinny mouth
  9.   High perspiration
  10.   Grinding of teeth
  11.   Restless legs
  •   Visual effects
  1.   Drifting of breathing
  2.   Alteration of brightness adjustment
  3.   Hallucinatory
  4.   Appearance
  5.   Mild transformation
  •   Cognitive effects
  1.   Enhancement of analysis
  2.   Anxiety and depressional effects
  3.   Delusions
  4.   Disinhibition
  5.   Emotional suppression
  6.   Control of bodily enhancement
  7.   Thought organization
  8.   Weight fullness
  •   After effects
  1.   Depression
  2.   Irritability
  3.   Psychosis
  4.   Cognitive fatigue
  5.   Headache
  6.   Depersonalization
  7.   Thought declaration


Avoiding the overdose of 2-fma medication during administration is a key factor to consider. As 2-fma is a stimulant drug inaccurate dosing or higher dosing of the medication can be responsible for overdose.

And ideal oral dose for adults including-

  1.   Threshold dose: 5mg
  2.   Light dose: 5-15 mg
  3.   Common dose: 15-30mg
  4.   Strong dose: 30-50mg
  5.   Heavy dose: above 50mg

An adult patient can maintain the given range of doses of chart consulting with the doctor. Any kind of disturbance with the proper dose might cause overdose toxicity.

Some harmful potential effects including-

  1.   Addiction and tolerance potentiality
  2.   Psychosis
  3.   Interaction with alcohol
  4.   Interaction with opioids
  5.   Pcp interaction
  6.   Interaction with caffeine

The overdose risk factors have to be avoided for minimizing the toxicity and harmful effects. Lower doses of 2-for are recommended for the startup of the treatment to prevent the overdose.


How to order 2 fma online legally?

2-fma is a rapid growing medication worldwide for various demands of patients. So, it is essential to ensure the availability of 2-fma in different in online and offline shops.

There are many online shops from where a person can buy 2-fma legally. The particular shop has to be authorized by different world knows organization. To buy 2-fma professionally having the prescription is mandatory.

Why our price cheaper than other 2 fma?

The main goal of our shop is to satisfy our customer with the best quality products at a minimum rate. We offer our customers the lowest price of 2-fma comparing to other online or local shops.

We don’t take any hidden charges or extra service charge for delivering our products. There is also an option available for the insolvent class of people to buy 2-fma within their financial capability.

How can I be sure of the quality of 2 fma?

Selling any medicinal products is the most sophisticated service to provide every customer. So, there is no chance for compromising with the quality of the product. Our 2-fma products are quality assured by FDA and GMP guidelines. We also have experienced and qualified personnel for ensuring the best quality product.

Is it dangerous to buy 2 fma on the internet?

To the competitive market of online medication sellers, there is a lot of risks related to buying the product. Some 2-fma vendors to achieve high profit illegally might involve in selling low-quality 2-fma. To avoid the danger of purchasing 2-fma from any fraud vendor’s people must be careful of comparing and choosing the right chemical vendor.

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