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5 Meo mipt buy online| 5 Meo mipt vendor| 5-Meo-mipt for sale

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CAS Number: 96096-55-8
PubChem CID : 2763156
Molar mass: 246.35 g/mol g·mol−1

Chemical formula: C15H22N2O

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5 Meo mipt vendors all over the world are making an efficient impact by delivering the product to the customers. 5 Meo mipt, in general, can either be taken as effective medication or sometimes also an essential research chemical. 5 Meo mipt for the first time was discovered in 1985. Famous researchers like David Repke, Alexander Shulgin submitted the paper about 5 Meo mipt information.

In the middle of 2000, the uses of 5 Meo mipt started to climb at a high rate. From then to now the uses and demand of 5 Meo mipt are increasing consistently. 5 Meo mipt has the ability to act as a psychedelic drug in an efficient way. Moreover, it can produce maximum tactile, sexual, bodily effects comparing to other relative drugs.

5 Meo mipt has the capability to impact as a research chemical and the ingredient for a variety of products. Maintaining the safest dose during taking 5 Meo mipt is compulsory. People can buy 5 Meo mipt from a variety of vendors in online or offline form.

What is 5-meo-mipt?

Generally, 5 Meo mipt has the properties to act both as a therapeutic medication and a research chemical. The term 5 Meo mipt as medication indicates that it is a psychedelic class of drugs.

Moreover, people can take 5 Meo mipt as a hallucinogenic medication. 5 Meo mipt has similarities with Dipt and Mipt according to the structure. The potency of 5 Meo mipt is comparatively higher than other psychedelic drugs

Furthermore, some common pharmacodynamic characteristics of 5 Meo mipt are similar to Dipt. 5 Meo mipt can be used as an entheogen by some people. 5 Meo mipt can be substitution of 5 Meo dipt considering both as similarities with each other.

5 Meo mipt is available in two different forms which can be administered. Mainly, 5 Meo mipt is administered through the oral route. On the other hand, some people can take it in a gaseous form.

More prominent, the result is found for the therapeutic effects when 5 Meo mipt is orally taken. As the previous history of 5 Meo mipt is not adequate, so the pharmacological factors of this medication are still unknown.

Use of 5 Meo mipt

A variety of uses are available for 5 Meo mipt. 5 Meo mipt can be either used as a medication or sometimes also can be used for research purposes.

The profile of 5 Meo mipt is filled with efficient therapeutic effects which have made the higher uses of it. People mainly suffering from psychotic disorders or mental depressed can use 5 Meo mipt as an option for treatment.

5 Meo mipt relieves this kind of disorder by stimulating the central nervous system. Basically, when a person feels stressful or connects to anxiety or panic can use 5 Meo mipt as a suppressant. Some people when they get hallucinated or faces dilution can use 5 Meo mipt for curing.

Doctors prescribed 5 Meo mipt to the patient who cannot frequently response with the environmental behaviors. The inactivity of the neurotransmitter is enhancing to by 5 Meo mipt.

On the other hand, 5 Meo mipt is vastly used in the laboratory research process for forensic purposes. The uses of 5 Meo mipt mist are controlled by the prescription of any physician or pharmacist.


5 Meo mipt has comparatively more subjective effects rather than unwanted or adverse effects. Comparing to other psychedelic drugs 5 Meo mipt has fewer risk factors. The effects of 5 Meo mipt depends upon the proper dosing of it.

The stimulating effect of 5 Meo mipt does allow hypnotic effects. 5 Meo mipt can improve the thinking and creativity of a person. The visual effects of 5 Meo mipt are more productive rather than other effects.

5 Meo mipt can attribute the sexual effects comparing to other psychedelics. Some general effect including –

  • Physical effects

  1.   Body sensations
  2.   Stimulations
  3.   Nausea
  4.   Increased heart rate
  5.   Dehydration
  6.   Orgasms intensity
  7.   Abnormal heartbeat
  8.   Diarrhea
  9.   Body pressure
  10.   Pupil dilation
  • Visual effects

  1.   Visual acuity enhancement
  2.   Color shifting
  3.   Scenery slicing
  4.   Complexity in indication
  • Hallucinatory effects

  1.   Transformation
  2.   Internal hallucination
  3.   Post hallucination
  4.   Nonsensical nature
  5.   Fantasy surreal
  • Cognitive effects

  1.   Empathy
  2.   Emotion enhancement
  3.   Memory suppression
  4.   Thought connectivity
  5.   Increased libido
  6.   Conceptual thinking
  7.   Wakefulness
  8.   Sexual dysfunction
  • Auditory effects

  1.   Hallucination
  2.   Dilutions
  3.   Enhancement
  4.   Distortions


It is always better to start the treatment of 5 Meo mipt with lower doses. Higher doses of 5 Meo mipt can exert severe unwanted effects. The dose requirement changes according to the individuals.

So, people must consult with the doctor before starting the treatment. People must maintain the doses required for avoiding overdose. Overdoses by 5 Meo mipt can cause some dangerous and risky side effects.


The ideal dosing chart of 5 Meo mipt given below-

  • Threshold dose: 5mg
  • Light dose: 5-10 mg
  • Common dose: 10-15 mg
  • Strong dose: 15-20 mg
  • Heavy dose: 20mg+

Every adult can suitable persons should follow the dose shown above with experts’ opinions.

Where to buy 5 Meo mipt

Nowadays, 5 Meo mipt vendors are making a huge impact on the online and offline medicine shop. People all over the world can buy 5 Meo mipt from different online and offline medicine outlets.  A person can buy 5 Meo mipt from online shops more conveniently.

An online medicine outlet offers a variety of facilities for every customer. Most importantly in emergency cases, a person can buy 5 Meo mipt from rapid overnight delivery. And there are a lot of vendors available.

So, people must compare all the shop’s price and quality. The safest and cheapest shop should get the high priority doe selling 5 Meo mipt.

Best 5 Meo mipt vendor for buy

The best vendor for selling 5 Meo mipt must be qualified with renowned drug and health organizations. The best vendors appoint the personnel with great proficiency and qualifications. They must provide the best quality products at a lower profit.

The delivery systems of the product have to be well on top. The rapid overnight delivery of the product must be applied. To considering the characteristics a person can be able to choose the best vendor for selling 5 Meo mipt.

The reasons why you should buy 5 Meo mipt from our online Pharmacy

Our online shop is the safest and promising organization to serve the good people. We have qualified personnel, managing staff and manufactures.

Our delivery system is the most potential among other medicines shops. The safety and security of the products are very much well on talk. The rates of the products are very reasonable and patients concerned. So, you should buy 5 Meo mipt of us for your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

How to order 5 Meo mipt online legally?

To order 5 Meo mipt legally it is must to have a prescription given by doctor or pharmacist. The legal buying of 5 Meo mipt can minimize the abuse of this medication.

Why our price cheaper than other Pharmacies?

We are the types of a vendor who are always focused on serving our patients with satisfaction. To satisfy them we are willing to sell 5 Meo mipt at a minimum rate with the best quality of the product.

How can I be sure of the quality of 5 Meo mipt?

Our organization is fully authorized with a variety of authorities like FDA and GMP. Our personnel are qualified and our delivering system is also very punctual and safe.

Is it dangerous to buy 5 Meo mipt on the internet?

Obviously, it can be dangerous to buy 5 Meo mipt from online. Some fraud vendors are only concerned with their benefits and sell harmful products with higher.

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