Androctonus Bicolor venom | Black Fat-Tailed Scorpion


Androctonus Bicolor venom | Black Fat-Tailed Scorpion

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Black fat-tailed Scorpion is a species of Scorpion of Buthidae Family. Black fat-tailed is also known as Androctonus bicolor. Buthidae is the broadest family of the Scorpion. Let’s clear about Scorpion. Scorpion is a species that can be identified by their 4 pair of legs and a long segmented tail. Black fat-tailed Scorpion can be grown up to 9 cm. Adult Androctonus bicolor can be grown up to 40- 80 mm.

Basically Scorpion is available in two different colors, one is black, and another is brownish. Their muscular physique can identify black fat-tailed Scorpion. They are speedy and aggressive. These Androctonus bicolor likes are making fun through scarping in wood. These scorpions usually go out at night and rest all day long. They like to stay in the shade to retain moisture.

Where does Androctonus bicolor live?

Androctonus bicolor likes to live in warm weather. Most of the scorpion species present in East and West Africa for growth-friendly weather. Some of the Androctonus bicolor also found in Middle East.85º to 98º F is the comfortable weather for scorpions because this temperature is allowed productive growth of the Androctonus bicolor. The black fat-tailed Scorpion typically found in dry, semi-dry and desert areas.

Use of black fat-tailed scorpion venom

 Black fat scorpions venom used in serum enzyme for reducing the activity of a protein in the liver. Androctonus bicolor venom reduced the activities of some enzyme such as alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)  and creatine kinase (CK) present in the serum of rats.

Experiments show that there is no significant change in ALT liver enzyme. After 1 hour, it observed that intravenous injection of Androctonus bicolor results in the decrease of AST enzyme activity. The LDH enzyme activity is decreased significantly after 8 hours. All of the enzyme activity decreased with time because of the presence of Androctonus bicolor venom. Androctonus bicolor venom may responsible for fixed reduced activities of liver enzymes. It is results for due to the co-factors of enzyme activities of magnesium.

Where to buy black fat-tailed Scorpion? Any trusted source?

Black fat scorpion venom can be purchased from online. Various online shops are dispensing venom of Androtonus bicolor. But not all of the retailers are trusted to buy that venom. Customers should follow the public reviews on the online shop website. After check out of the reviews, customers should think to buy Androtonus bicolor and its venom.

This venom is not free to buy for everyone. Before buying, customers have to show their reason to buy this venom. Black fat scorpion venom is highly sensitive; that’s why proper reason should be shown to the retailers like for the use of any experimental project or production of medications. We are one of the trusted sources to Buy Black fat-tailed scorpions venom. You need to go to our online shop and order your desired Black fat-tailed Scorpion or its venom.


Which Scorpion is the deadliest on the Earth?

There are more than thousands of scorpions on the Earth. We can get venom from only 25 species of Scorpion. Among the scorpions, Red Indian scorpion is the deadliest Scorpion on the Earth. This lethal Scorpion may cause human death in a particular case.

Can a black scorpion kill you?

There are thousands of scorpion species available in the world, but only 25 species are dangerous after a sting. Black fat-tailed Scorpion is not too dangerous, but its venom can kill you.  Androtonus bicolor venom is neurotoxic. These venoms absorb too rapidly and act on the central nervous system. That is results in the paralysis of nerves are responsible for respiration. So after a sting, it may result in the person to occur death. But immediate anti-venom injection can save the life of an infected person.

Is black Scorpion is Dangerous?

The deep black color of this species of Scorpion makes them dominant in hiding themselves. That is why people should be more careful while handling Black fat-tailed Scorpion.  All of the Scorpion’s species are stings hardly few are dangerous. Black fat-tailed Scorpion also stings hurt, and it is painful, but this sting is less harmful than bee stings.

Androctonus Bicolor

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