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Buy Al-Lad Powder Online | Al-Lad Powder For Sale

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Name:  AL-LAD

Other Names: 6-allyl-6-nor-LSD

CAS number: 65527-61-9

Molar mass:  349.4713 g/mol g·mol−1

PubChem: 68870

Molecular Formula:  C22H27N3O

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Aladdin !!! Ops no; it is Al-Lad powder. But did you know that Al-Lad powder is known as Aladdin? It is not a detergent type of powder. It is one of the primary compounds of psychedelic drugs and also related to LSD, which first synthesized to treat respiratory depression.

So you can tell that Al-Lad powder is much more important for treating depression. Besides this, you can use Al-Lad powder as an allyl bromide as a reactant. Did you know we can provide you with this powder? You can easily buy al-lad powder online from our online pharmacy.

Product Description

This product produces hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness. Its structure and structure are very similar. So it is considered an analog of a halogenic drug named LSD. It acts as the precursor or reactant of the LSD. It is a research chemical or a drug used for research purposes.

In many places or reports, the effects and effectiveness of Al-Lad like LSD have described. It has many recreational elements and compelling visuals. However, it would be best if you took many precautions when using this medicine, and all safety and protocols should be maintained. There are so many al-lad vendors where you can find this product and can buy it.

AL-LAD abuse 

Because of its stimulation, physical sensations, many people use it to abuse it. Using it causes many psychological issues. It contains some of the potentials and its toxicity that people abuse by taking it in excess. Although this powder has only a little history of human use, it can cause severe damage to your nerves when you take it to an excessive level.

Because of its LSD-like effects, and for this reason, people call this powder, “It is a more recreational psychedelic.” Besides, muscle tension can occupy. That’s why you will mentally become less secure and go through an anxious or introspective direction. People search “al lad buy” to find this product.

Where to buy al-lad powder online

Our online pharmacy is the best you can find. All of our customers who have bought anything from us were completely satisfied. You can ask anyone who has received our service or may see the reviews.

AL-LAD buy from us is so natural, and paying processes or methods are also very easy. We can accept many types of cards, such as MasterCard, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc.

You can also purchase medicines from many other online pharmacies, so you must be careful about the page or the place where you buy the drug to see how safe it is.

You may see this drug at many online pharmacies. If you want to purchase medicine from a trusted place, then, of course, I would say our online pharmacy is the most advanced and most trusted place. You can visit our online pharmacy to buy this drug. Great genuine scientists take AL-LAD from us for research institutes, international laboratories, etc.

Is al-lad safe?

It is a safe product that contains many harmless substances. Applying this drug to many animals has made it known that it is a very safe drug. And it has been tested that it can cause harm to any human body at the same time as taking this drug 1000 times.

If you choose this drug 1000 times, it is equivalent to 100 times caffeine and ten times alcohol. This product is very safe, but you should take it very moderately.

How long does Al lad last?

You can take this dose from 80 to 160 µg. And it stays in the human body for six to eight hours after consuming it. Its analog is much closer to LSD. But taking it on an excessive dose can have many long-term effects.

This effect usually lasts for 7 to 10 hours. But it interacts with many types of drugs such as lithium, tramadol, cannabis, etc. Its light does 20µg, and a healthy dose is 225µg to 350µg. So take this medicine after you have an idea about the treatment and the interaction.

Is al-lad legal in the US?

The US Government follows a few criteria for sales or possession where Al-Lad powder is not available as a controlled substance at the department of federal level in the US. But in this case, the US Government could be prosecuted the “Federal Analogue Act” for sales or possession.

Moreover, we know drug possession is the type of crime of having one or more illegal drugs. So without this “Federal Analogue Act” protocol, it will be noted down as drug trafficking, and it can account for caning and capital punishment.

Al-Lad Powder

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    Best depression relief products.i used it and i will recommend to other,if they were in depressed by will be good medicine for them…

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