Buy Butylone Crystal Online | Butylone Crystal For Sale


Buy Butylone Crystal Online | Butylone Crystal For Sale


Name:  Butylone

Other Names:  β-keto-N-methylbenzodioxolylbutanamine (βk-MBDB)

 CAS number: 802575-11-7

Molar mass:  221.2524 g/mol g·mol−1

PubChem: 56843046

Molecular Formula:  C12H15NO3

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We all heard about the stimulant drug. If you don’t, I am asking you the same question in a different way. Do you hear about Morphine, Codeine, Heroin? Yes? These are stimulant analgesic drugs. Stimulant drugs increase the activity of the central nervous system. Psychedelic, Psychoactive stimulant is a class of stimulant medication.

Stimulant psychoactive drugs are those drugs which change in mood, consciousness and triggered emotion. These types of medications used medically, recreationally and much other research purposes. e.g. Butylone, Methylone

Product Description

Butylone is a psychedelic, psychoactive stimulant drugs of phenethylamine chemical class. Butylone is also known as β-keto-N-methylbenzodioxolylbutanamine.  It is also known as βk-MBDB. In 1967 It was synthesized by Koeppe, Ludwig, and Zeile but it was obscure in academia until 2005.

Butylone crystal can be synthesized in the laboratory by following a given procedure. Firstly To obtain  3′,4′-methylenedioxy-2-bromobutyrophenone, 3,4-methylenedioxy-butyrophenone dissolved in dichloromethane to bromine. Then this received product has to dissolve in dichloromethane then 40% of Methylamine is added. And Finally, HCl is added.

To remove the aqueous layer from the product sodium bicarbonate is used — residual Amine extracted by using ether. And to get desired Butylone a solution of HCl and a drop of ether used. Butylone is a Psychoactive stimulant drug as methylone. βk-MBDB can change in mood, consciousness, visual and mental condition. This drug is used for medically, recreationally and different research purpose.

bk-MBDB increase the monoamine level. It shows the same activity to MBDB methylone does to MDMA.

Where to buy Butylone crystal Online?

With the increasing demand for such psychedelics stimulant drugs, a large number of pharmacy are retailing these types of drugs. Some are doing their business only for their profit, and they don’t even look at customers expectation. Some are fraud, and they are doing their business illegally, some don’t also have any license to retailing these types of sensitive product.

In the meantime, we ordinary people get confused from where to buy Buthylone crystal? I have a solution for you. I am hoping that It will help you to identified trusty online shops to buy bk-MBDB. Just follow my suggestion, Firstly follow public reviews on their website or online shops page. Then the second thing you should follow is to ensure that retailers have a licence to retailing or preservation of this product. After that, you should go for further action.

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Is BK-MBDB dangerous?

It is difficult to answer this question in one sentence. Actually, every drugs or medicine has a prescribed dose. It varies with the person who is taking it. Overdose of any drugs or medication is harmful to the person receiving. Butylene is a psychedelics stimulant drugs acting by the change in mood, consciousness. Though it works in the Central nervous system, it will be lethal while taking overdosed.

Different between butylone vs methylone?

Butylone and are different in their structure. There is a small change in its construction. These two are cathicones, psychedelics, stimulant psychoactive both can change in mood and consciousness. Methylone shows the activity to MDMA Butylone shows the same to MBDB.

Is Butylone legal in the USA and Europe?

Butylone is a drug which has a lot of medicinal use. But sometimes people misused it. They take this drug for their recreational feelings, for their well-being. Butylone is in the list of the restricted drug in the USA and also in Europe. But if you can show the proper reason for buy bk-MBDB, such as any reference for research or for medicinal use we will deliver to you. We provide a vast number of research chemicals, bath salts venoms worldwide from our online medicine shop.

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