Name:  Carfentanil

Other Names: Wildnil

Formula:  C24H30N2O3

CAS number: 59708-52-0

Molar mass:  394.515 g·mol−1

PubChem: 62156

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Suppose you have severe pain on somewhere in your body, what will be your first action to reduce pain? You will take a painkiller. If pain remains the same? Then you will go to use higher analgesic.  Analgesic is drugs intended for reducing pain. Such as opioid analgesics that bind to the opioid receptor in the central and peripheral nervous system and produce an effect like morphine, codeine.

The most potent opioid analgesic is Carfentanil more potent than morphine and Fentanyl.

Product description

Buy Carfentanil online is an analog synthetic opioid analgesic that was first synthesized in 1974  by a team of chemists, including paul Janssen of Janssen pharmaceutical. It as a synthetic form of Fentanyl, one of the most potent opioid analgesics. It has potency more than 10,000 times than morphine and 100 times than Fentanyl.

The activity of that drug starts from 1 microgram in the human body. Carfentanil used as a general anesthetic agent for animals. It is intended for large animals and uses a little in humans to obtain a considerable efficacy . some derivatives used to get less potency than Carfentanil, such as sufentanil more than 20 times less potent than carfentanil. Sufentanil is the most useful analog used for human which is more than 1000 potent than morphine. Carfentanil powder for sale is available in our pharmacy.

How lethal is Carfentanil?

Basically, Carfentanil intended for users in a large animal. Whenever the desired efficacy not obtained from other opioids, this more potent analgesia used in humans, it works as a sedative drug in a large animal by depressing heart rate, dropping blood pressure.

It works at a small amount in human, which result from depressing blood pressure and necrosis. So before using it should be known that excessive amounts can be lethal for humans. Should be followed contraindication to avoid the lethal dose.

What are the symptoms of carfentanil poisoning?

Carfentanil is a more potent opioid analgesic that has 10000 times more lethal than morphine. Nowadays, it is abusing cocain, morphine for recreational well being . some symptoms of carfentanil poisoning are as follows.

  •   Runny nose
  •   Restlessness
  •   Insomnia
  •   Excessive sweating
  •   Anxiety
  •   Muscle aches
  •   Depression
  •   Inability to concentrate

Why do people take carfentanil “recreationally”?

As we know, the abuse of analgesic opioids like morphine codeine heroin. Those drugs are potent analgesics applied for severe pain, like cancer pain or other acute pain. Some people are abusing these drugs for their recreational well being. 

They use those drugs to feel high. At stage heroin, morphine codeine addicted developed tolerance to those opioids. They search for more recreational drugs for more potency and action. They get Carfentanil from a dealer and use it for their recreational use but don’t even know the lethal effect of these drugs. 

Is Carfentanil prescribed by doctors in Europe?

Carfentanil is mainly used opioid analgesics for a large animal. Which is works as a sedative by depressing blood pressure in an animal. It results in respiratory disturbance, which may result in death for humans.It is not prescribed by a doctor in Europe and anywhere. Because of its broadest potency and sensitive effect on blood pressure and resparitory disturbance. It concerned as a chemical weapon in Europe.

That is why a doctor does not prescribe to buy Carfentanil powder.

Where can I buy carfentanil and fentanyl powder Online?

A huge number of chemical vendors and dealers are retailing carfentanil powder. The demand for this opioid analgesic is increasing gradually worldwide. It may be available offline, but there is more risk because dealer mixed Carfentanil like a drug with orginal. You can buy this drug online. But not all are the trusty; most of the vendors are fraud or doing their business illigaly. Before buying, don’t forget to check out public reviews on their product. Does it seem confusing?

Please don’t waste your time being searching for the best vendors, go to our online pharmacy. We have a vast collection of Carfentanil for sale. We have substantial permanent customers and positive reviews about our product. You can go to our shop and feel free to buy carfentanil powder online.

Where are people getting Carfentanil illegally?

People are abusing this drug for their recreational use. Illegal drug dealers who are dealing with heroin, opium codeine, and morphine are dealing with these most potent drugs illegally.

Is Carfentanil a good choice to relieve a bad hangover?

Death will achieve the ultimate goal of relieving hangover. Do you want to die? Here you go. 

Carfentanil is the most potent opioid which works by depressing the respiratory action by dropping blood pressure etc. Its activity started from 1 microgram. It will be lethal in a small dose variation. I think you clear about that.

Why can’t death row executions just be done with 10mg of Carfentanil?

In the past 10 mg carfentanil was injected to the criminals as their penalty. That was a painful experience for the criminals; their screaming was intolerable for the prisoners. Another reason is now the pharmacy companies produce on the basis of prescription, production is limited.

Why is Carfentanil known on the street as “drop dead,” “serial killer” and “gray death?”

As we know, synthetic Carfentanil is ten thousand times more potent than morphine. It may cause to drug users to death. Antidot can not save the overdosed victim. That is why it is called by those nicknames to understood the gruesomeness of that drug.

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