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Names:   Dimethocaine

Other Names: DMC, larocaine

Formula:  C16H26N2O2

CAS number: 94-15-5

Molar mass:  278.39 g/mol g·mol−1

PubChem: 7177

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Let me tell you an interesting term, “legal cocaine.” Must you be wondering legal cocaine? How is that even possible. All the countries have listed cocaine as a dangerous drug. So cocaine can’t be licensed.

Yes, that is true that cocaine is an illegal drug, and it is not allowed for anyone to take this.  But some of the research labs have discovered an alternative. This alternative is known as “Dimethocaine.” With the same actions of cocaine, Dimethcocaine is legal in many countries.

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What is dimethocaine?

Dimethocaine is a chemical compound derived from cocaine. This drug is a compound consisting of high stimulating properties. As cocaine is no legal, dimethocaine was discovered.

In 1930 Hoffmann-La Roche invented dimethocaine. This drug was marketed under the brand name “Larocaine.” The following year the substance got popular as local anesthetics. Like the other anesthetic products such as cocaine or procaine, physicians started to use this as an anesthetic.

It was not continued in the 1940s, though, because there were some problems reported. The psychoactive properties and addictiveness were reported. For this, it was only then sold as a prescription medication because there was a risk of using this for addictive purposes.

Medicinal Use:

The medical usages of dimethocaine are limited. It is not very popular these days. As dimethocaine is a derivative of cocaine, this also has all the properties of cocaine. But it is a little less potent. We all know the use of cocaine; it is mostly used as an anesthetic. Like cocaine, dimethocaine is also used as an analgesic.

Cocaine and dimethocaine are like distant brothers. During the dental procedure, dimethocaine is generally used. It is a local anesthetic. Dimethocaine blocks the nerve impulses that carry pain. So you cannot feel the sensation. They prevent the norepinephrine uptake. Dimethocaine causes vasoconstriction and also works as an anesthetic.

This medication is used to treat surgical procedures, the upper respiratory tract. Dimethocaine causes vasoconstriction of the upper respiratory tract. Dimethocaine cramps up the mucosa or mucosal membrane in the respiratory tract.

Dimethocaine comes in as a form of topical solution. This dimethocaine hydrochloride is marketed in three different concentrations. 1,4 or 10% level is found in the market. Based on the requirements of the patient, different concentration is used. But in general cases, only 1% and 4% is used.


Dimethocaine has similar effects to cocaine. Dimethocaine is quickly absorbed across the mucous membrane linings of the nose and mucus in the esophagus. People use this to snort this or apply it to the gums.

This drug is misused. This drug causes Dopamine to be secreted. Dopamine is known as the chemical, which gives pleasant sensation in our mind. So the release of Dopamine exerts a generally pleasurable feeling.

There is another way of working of dimethocaine. This drug works by blocking the reuptake of neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. Euphoria is effected after ingestion.

Other effects of this drug are:

  •   increase in the heart rate,
  •   increase in blood pressure,
  •   boost in self-confidence,
  •   vigilance and
  •   well, health.


Chronic use of dimethocaine will cause severe side effects. The constant use of methane will stop the metabolism of neurotransmitters. When the metabolism gets interfered with, this permanently damages the brain. Signs of chronic use include intensively asking for more drugs, feeling sick all the time, violent outbursts, feeling depressed, getting paranoid, etc.

Repeated dosage also because of severe problems like spontaneous motor activity, heart disease, seizure, the difficulty in breathing, lung problems, heart disease, sexual dysfunction, and finally, death.

What should I avoid while taking dimethocaine?

Dimethocaine has very stimulating properties. So any other stimulant type of drugs must be avoided. Overstimulating the body will result in many problems. The damage of the neurotransmitter in the brain can also be seen if an overdose of stimulant is done.

Dimethocaine and some of its sister compounds after getting metabolized, when it gets converted in the body, will seem to appear in the blood and urine. So it is wise not to take this drug within five days of the test.

There are many drugs that interact with dimethocaine. The pharmacist or doctor will give you the right idea about it. But you must be aware not to take these drugs. The most common drugs that should be avoided are:

  1.   Eliglustat
  2.   Iobenguane I 123

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Dimethocaine has almost all the same properties as cocaine. We should be careful about its addictive properties. Must only be used when a doctor suggests it. To buy dimethocane, you can visit our website, and we will send you your order. But you must provide a prescription.


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