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Buy Flualprazolam Online | Flualprazolam For Sale

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CAS Number: 28910-91-0
PubChem CID :10359044
Molar mass: 326.76 g·mol−1

Chemical formula: C17H12ClFN4

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Flualprazolam is a new derivative of benzodiazepine. This substance is a designer drug. This drug is synthetic, and the activity of this drug is similar to the benzodiazepines in the market. Benzodiazepine drug is a central nervous system depressant.

The derivatives of the benzodiazepines are pirated from the early days of this drug discovery, or pharmaceutical studies have appeared on the novel and illicit drug market for the past few years.

This designer drug has caused many adverse effects that include death. Flualprazolam has structural similarity with the traditional benzodiazepine alprazolam. Alprazolam is a Schedule IV substance in the United States, just like the other derivatives.

What is flualprazolam?

Researchers are using a new synthetic chemical to conduct various researches. Flualprazolam is a kind of new artificial research chemical popular on the market. This chemical belongs to the class of medications known as benzodiazepines. The effects of this chemical are similar to other derivatives of benzodiazepines like Alprazolam or Xanax.

Flualprazolam is not a scheduled drug; the effects of this chemical are now tested in labs in comparison to other classes of its medication. As all the information on this substance is currently unknown, this is not entirely trusted worldwide. Research is still going on.

Flualprazolam has a 1,4 diazepine ring joined with the typical benzodiazepine structure. The bicyclic structure also contains a chlorine group on the R7 position. This drug Flualprazolam is fluorinated alprazolam; this gives a slightly longer half-life to the structure, and also, the drug is made more potent in comparison to the parent drug.

Medical use flualprazolam

The use of Flualprazolam is versatile. This drug has many properties. The medicinal properties include Disinhibiting properties, muscle relaxant, hypnotic actions, dementia properties when administered.

The mechanism is of this drug is common, like other benzodiazepines. They bind with the GABA receptors, but the mechanism of action is not fully unraveled. But this much is understood that the neurotransmitter GABA is involved.

Flualprazolam is mainly prescribed by the physicians to give relief from anxiety disorders or panic attacks. Many people have suffered from panic attacks and also from depression. Anxiety starts to grow inside the people.

For Anxiety Disorders And Transient Symptoms Of Anxiety

Flualprazolam medicine is used to reduce stress. Many selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are approved to treat many kinds of anxiety disorders.  Flualprazolam is especially useful in cases where depression and anxiety both hit together.


People prescribed Flualprazolam for anxiety should start the dose from 0.25mg to 0.5 mg three times daily. Then we can slowly increase the dose. Until the maximum therapeutic dose is achieved, the treatment is increased. But the dose is not suddenly increased, at least a four days interval is needed before raising the dose.

The lowest possible dose at which produces the maximum effects is discovered. The maximum dose must also not exceed 4mg. Flualprazolam also tends to grow dependency, and this factor is also needed to be kept in mind.

 Panic Disorder

Panic disorder patients have to start the therapy at a dose that is more significant than 4mg daily. The treatment fluctuates from 2mg to 10mg according to the need of the patients. A study showed that around 5 to 6 mg daily dose is needed to treat the patients for panic disorders.

Flualprazolam usually stars to give its peak effects after one to two hours. But Flualprazolam stays inside the body for an extended period. Although after achieving peak effect, the drug slowly stops working, the traces of Flualprazolam remain within the body for weeks.

Other than panic disorder and anxiety disorder, there have been reports that Flualprazolam has Anticonvulsant activities. Anticonvulsant drugs are also known as antiepileptic drugs or antiseizure drugs. They are also day by day used by the physicians in the treatment of bipolar disorders and personality disorders. This drug also has mood-stabilizing properties and has the capacity to treat neuropathic pain.


The effects of flualprazolam are many. As this is still under study, not all the results are recorded.  Some of the most predictable and proved effects are

  1.   Relaxation of muscle
  2.   Depression of the respiratory system
  3.   Sedation of the CNS
  4.   Erectile dysfunction for a short time
  5.   Euphoria
  6.   Dizziness
  7.   Seizure Suppression
  8.   Libido increase
  9.   Emotional suppression
  10.   Compulsive redosing thought deceleration
  11.   Delusions
  12.   Delusions of soberly
  13.   Tiredness

Flualprazolam also can induce some paradoxical reaction in :

  •   Patients who have mental disorders
  •   People who use this drug for recreational purposes

The different behaviors are:

  1.   Aggression
  2.   Increased seizures
  3.   Violent acts
  4.   Suicidal attempts
  5.   Loosing of impulse control
  6.   Increase of anxiety
  7.   Increase in irritability

But these are not reported more than 1 percent of the time.


The overdose of flualprazolam includes the administration of this drug in a dose that is more than prescribed. The most common indications of an overdose of this medication are depression of the central nervous system, loss of balance, imbalance in muscle movement, and stopped speech.

Some of the other indications are coma and trouble breathing due to the depression of the respiratory system. The overdose can be tackled by using antidote known as Flumazenil.

In rare cases, some very complicated disorders can occur. This is due to the distress of the respiratory system, lack of oxygen in the muscle or blood, mental or physical trauma caused by the loss of consciousness.  The serious disorders are:

  •   Pneumonia.
  •   Muscle damage.
  •   Brain damage.
  •   Death

What should I avoid while taking flualprazolam?

There are some drugs that cause a dangerous interaction with flualprazolam. There is a danger on taking this drug while taking:

  •   Alcohol

Alcohol with benzodiazepine type of drugs is deadly. Flualprazolam is a benzodiazepine class drug. The sedative action of the drug, along with the alcohol, produces unpredictable and robust effects. The patient may become unconscious. The possibility of patient vomiting is also there. Consumers lose memory during this phase.

  •   GHB/GBL

 GHB or GBL is short for gamma-Butyrolactone. The action produced when this is taken with flualprazolam is intense and unpredictable. The patient tends to go to an unconscious state. Vomiting is recommended in this situation to recover.

  •   Opioids 

Opioid class medication with flualprazolam may depress both the central nervous system and respiratory organs. The two substances together potentiate an unpredictable and robust effect that is more deadly when administered jointly. This will also make the consumer go into an unconscious state, and vomiting is necessary for recovery.

  •   Tramadol

Together with tramadol, this drug has deadly suppressive properties on the central nervous system and the respiratory organ.  So taking this drug must be avoided together in any condition.

Where to buy flualprazolam

This is a chemical that is still under research.  Due to this, not every pharmacy sells this drug. This is a derivative of a standard drug known as benzodiazepines. Another similar drug is Xanax.

The local pharmacies will sell you this drug if you have a prescription. But there is another easy way. That is ordering online. There are several online pharmacies that sell this drug. is one of them.

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FDA approved flualprazolam:

FDA is the food and drug administration. This is an American government organization that regulates the quality of the drug products. This is considered the highest-ranked organization out there. Once the FDA declare a drug to be safe, the other countries in the world tend to follow.

FDA has not yet approved the use of this medication in the United States. The main reason behind it is the drug is still a research medication. The effects of this drug on humans are still under study. So without the result of all the reviews, the FDA will not approve this.

Although for research purposes FDA has given the approval to buy or sell this drug.

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The extended delivery process for any product loses its value. The customers also do not feel pleased. If you order a product online, you expect it to arrive within a few hours. But a delay for like three to seven days will not give you the proper satisfactory that you were looking for.

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Secure Payment methods

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