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Name: Prolintane

Other Names: Catovit, Katovit, Promotil, Villescon

Formula: C15H23N

CAS number: 493-92-5

Molar mass:  307.395 g/mol g·mol−1

PubChem: 14592

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If you are suffering from narcolepsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Prolintane drug is the most accurate and appropriate for you. This drug is usually a designer that will affect your mind and work through an effective stimulant.

If you want to buy drugs from a safe and legal place, our online pharmacy is the place to be. Buy Prolintane online from us will be best for you.

It is available in many countries, including Africa, Australia, Europe. It has been declared illegal in the USA for abuse of this drug in a legal way. That’s why this drug is no longer available in the USA.

What is Prolintane?

It is a designer drug and recreational drug used for research. This drug was known as Catovit, Promotil when suppliers distributed or supplied worldwide. It is a great and effective stimulant drug. It is very transparent and is in crystal formation and many times, and it is in powder form.

Many times this medicine provides relief to many apathy and restlessness. This drug works by stimulating the central nervous system and inhibiting it. It is much more compatible with the properties of d-amphetamine and its constituents. A history of abuse and illegal use of this drug has also reported. This drug works great.

Use of Prolintane

It is usually take in an oral manner such as injecting it or pushing the body through the smoke. Also, you can swallow the tab in the form of powder. You can consume by dropping the liquid form of this drug into the food. How much of this medicine will affect you depends on the amount of medication you are taking or what shape you are taking. Its oral use and doses are below:

          Oral            Dose
          Light          5-15mg
        Common        25-45mg
          Strong        45-60mg
          Heavy        60mg+

In the past, a record of using this medicine in international athlete games had found. But now it is forbidden in athletes all over the country.


This drug often acts as halogenic or psychedelic. You may be experiencing something that you may not find real. You may see or hear something with which are not real. This drug has some side effects. For example, the body feels very bad, fever or vomiting or headache. You can see these symptoms within 45 to 70 minutes.

Some effects are below:

Intense happiness, Feelings of peace and calm, vomit, headache, hallucination, fasten heartbeat, arrhythmia, diarrhea, excessive talking, weight loss, Sweating, disturbed sleep patterns, increased energy/alertness, decreased need for sleep, decreased appetite, bruxism, visual and auditory hallucinations, itchiness, aggressiveness, moodiness, etc.


Because it’s overdosing, people can suffer a lot. It creates the rhythm of the heartbeat so fast and can make 100 beats per min. It also makes tachycardia. Or sometimes, it also makes the heartbeat slow, which is also a problem. It’s like 60 beats per min. It’s called bradycardia. Each drug has a specific dose form or some system that, if more or less, can cause serious harm.

There is an appropriate dose to this drug too. Taking the medication in overdose can only increase the toxicity level. And then, psychiatric, cognitive, neurological, cardiovascular problems are created. It can decrease your sense of hunger and appetite. You will lose the taste of food. Overdosing can make you very sick. Headache, diarrhea is such a common problem.

Where can I buy prolintane online

You should always drug from a very authentic place. If you search,Where can I buy Prolintane onlineyou will get many online drug suppliers. But our online pharmacy is such a safe and trustworthy drug vendor. Because we give afford so much to our customers.

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The reasons why you should buy Prolintane from our online pharmacy

You should purchase Prolintane online from our pharmacy. Because we can give the best quality at a very affordable price, we will never let you down and work so hard to serve you. We maintain and manufacture our product very carefully. We also give an offer for purchasing three drugs at a time. Besides, we provide so many premium offers.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How to order Prolintane online legally?

If you want to order Prolintane legally online, you must obtain a prescription from an authorized pharmacy or pharmacist or doctor. And you can easily order it from any online well-licensed and authorized online site or pharmacy after you receive a prescription.

Buy Prolintane online from our pharmacy is also a legitimate way.

Why our price is lower than other Prolintane?

Our price is lower than the other one. Because our primary purpose and mission are to distribute or deliver our medicine to people of all walks of society at excellent quality and low prices. So we keep the quality of all drugs excellent, and we provide a low price. We make very little profit, but we want people from all classes to buy medicines from us.

How can I be sure of the quality of Prolintane?

Our price is lower than the others. Because our primary purpose and mission are to distribute or deliver our medicine to people of all walks of society at excellent quality and low prices.

So we keep the quality of Prolintane drugs excellent, and we provide a low price. We make very little profit, but we want people from all classes to buy this drug from us.

Is it dangerous to buy Prolintane on the internet?

Legally with all laws buying Prolintane from the internet is never dangerous. But if you make a drug purchase from any online pharmacy, you must check that page for safety, security, licenses, authenticity, quality, etc. if you find that place safe, authentic, and trustworthy. Then it’s safe for buying. So that is how it becomes so easy to buy from the internet safely.


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