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Name: Flunitrazepam

Trade  Name: Rohypnol

 CAS number: 1622-62-4

Molar mass: 313.3 g/mol g·mol−1

PubChem: 3380

Molecular Formula: C16H12FN3O3

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Roof! Roof! It sounds like the bark of a dog! Weird name to give to a medicine that would heal your pain. Generally, the continuous bark of a dog would cause you pain. But this roofies is the complete opposite.

A study conducted by the American research center showed that out of 100 people living in the United state of America, 60 of them are at risk of getting acute to severe pain in their elderly years. This is alarming. The rise of patients with pain will see an increase in the demand for pain-relieving medicines. So benzodiazepines, which are the primary medicine for anxiety and stress disorders that has the property of reducing pain, will be used. Roofies is a type of benzodiazepine.

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What is Rohypnol (Roofies)?

Rohypnol is a class of medicine that belongs to the type of benzodiazepines. Researchers are using a new synthetic chemical to conduct various researches. Rohypnol is a kind of new artificial research chemical popular on the market. This chemical belongs to the class of medications known as benzodiazepines. The effects of this chemical are similar to other derivatives of benzodiazepines like Alprazolam or Xanax.

5-(2-fluorophenyl)-1-methyl-7-nitro-3H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one is known as Rohypnol. The drug did not catch up with the normal brand name or generic name. The name that the public really got stuck into was roofies!

Use of roofies

Like the other classes of benzodiazepine medicines, roofies are used for similar effects. The primary purpose of the benzodiazepine class drug is to give relief from anxiety and depression. That is why it is seen that people take this drug in their most stressful situations. The sedative properties of this drug are also worth mentioning. Patients suffering from insomnia have prescribed this medication. The hypnotic feature of the relaxing effect helps the individual to in a state of sleep.

Anesthesia is another property of this drug. For some surgery, this drug is used as an anesthetic. The anesthetic property is very potent, and the drug is used in a minimum dose. Panic disorder patients have to start the therapy at a dose that is more significant than 4mg daily. The treatment fluctuates from 2mg to 10mg according to the need of the patients. A study showed that around 5 to 6 mg daily dose is needed to treat the patients for panic disorders.

Rohypnol usually stars to give its peak effects after one to two hours. But Rohypnol stays inside the body for an extended period. Although after achieving peak effect, the drug slowly stops working, the traces of Rohypnol remain within the body for weeks.

Other than panic disorder and anxiety disorder, there have been reports that Rohypnol has Anticonvulsant activities. Anticonvulsant drugs are also known as antiepileptic drugs or anti-seizure drugs. They are also day by day used by the physicians in the treatment of bipolar disorders and personality disorders. This drug also has mood-stabilizing properties and has the capacity to treat neuropathic pain.


Some severe side effects will follow on administering this drug. The potency is recorded to be very high, so the results are also hazardous.

  1.   Dependence

The dependency is higher than the other benzodiazepine found in the market. After using it for a span of the week, it slowly gets on the individual’s system.  The dependency is a bad thing, and it will act as the patient cannot lead a life without taking the drug.

  1.   Paradoxical effects

Although this medicine itself is used to treat anxiety or stress-related disorders, there are reports that cause the individuals to instead go into a deeper state of depression. The symptoms may include nervousness, insomnia, aggressiveness, etc.

  1.   Hypotonia

This is the reduction of muscle tone in babies. The lipophilicity of the drug is higher than in conventional medications. This goes into the placenta and causes hypotonia in babies.


The overdose of any medicine is dangerous. Roofies are also the same. Overdose will create some initial problems that will slowly lead to death. The joint effects of overdose are excessive sedation of the patients. Another overdose effect is impairment of balance or impairment of speech. Respiratory depression or coma is what follows and probably death.

The risk increases if taken with alcohol. The sedative effects of alcohol, along with the sedative effects of the drug, will put the patients in a lot of risks. The CNS will get depressed. Because of all these overdose buying, roofies can be a little tricky.

The reasons why you should buy roofies from our online Pharmacy

The privacy and the quality of the product are both critical when purchasing anything online. Our online Pharmacy is the best place to buy roofies. The reason behind it is that we provide you with the best product at the lowest cost.  The delivery method is also very safe, and we will not provide the product late. Our fast chain of workers will hand you the drug with a night.

There are many scamming websites that will sell counterfeit products at a low price and confuse customers. We need to be careful about these scammers. We have pharmacists ready to help you with any of your questions. All our pharmacists are A grade pharmacists. Their purpose is to give you the proper instruction to help you buy your roofies online.

  • We are registered by the state and the government. So you can be sure about the quality.
  • We buy the products from pharmaceutical companies that are approved by the FDA.
  • We sell products at a more affordable price than other online pharmacies.
  • We will deliver your product overnight

Our payment method is much secured. We accept all the payment options, including Bitcoin, Money Gram, Bank Transfer etc.  Even if you don’t want to pay online, if you’re going to pay us when you get your product at hand, that is also possible.


How to order roofies online legally?

To order roofies online legally, you have to have a prescription and go to a legal website listed by the government or state. Not registered online Pharmacy is permitted to sell a prescription drug without a prescription.

You can go to our online Pharmacy and upload a picture of your prescription, and we will send you your product overnight. That is the right way.

Why our price cheaper than other roofies?

Our business policy is to make the smallest amount of money from our customers. We think about the service. So we buy the products directly from the makers of the tablets of medicines. When we buy the product directly from the manufacturer in a large number, we can get the product at a low price.

When we buy the product at a low cost, we can make a profit and sell you the product at a more affordable price.

How can I be sure of the quality of roofies?

We get the product from the FDA approved manufacturers, we have registered “A” grade pharmacists, and we are designated by the state. So you can be sure about the quality.  FDA does not give a certificate unless it is a hundred percent sure about the quality of the product we will be selling is absolutely the best .

Is it dangerous to buy roofies on the internet?

There are many scamming sites. They will steal your private information and take money from you. So yes, if you are not very careful, you have a chance of getting robbed.


Roofies is a prescription drug. But many countries have listed it as a schedule drug. With the continuous use of this drug for recreational purposes, the drug can be seen as a threat to our community. Customers look at where to buy roofies. You can buy roofies online from our Online Pharmacy with a prescription.


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