BUY SASSAFRAS OIL ONLINE | Pure Sassafras Oil For Sale


BUY SASSAFRAS OIL ONLINE | Pure Sassafras Oil For Sale

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Name:  Safrole

Other Names: ​ 5-(2-Propenyl)-1,3-benzodioxole



Chemical formula: C10H10O2

CAS number: 94-59-7

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How does plant protect their skin layer? Do You know it? NO? Okay, let me explain some of the plants produced an organic compound called antifeedant to inhibit the attack of insects and animals. 

Safrole is a colorless organic compound. It is an oily liquid though it is colorless, it can appear in yellowish while the sample is impure. It is a member of the phenylpropanoid family and found in sassafras plants. A small amount found in a wide variety of plants where it functions as antifeedant, which can be found in Brazile, some is in Eastern North America. It has a characteristic of the “sweet shop” aroma.

sassafras plant

Product Description

Sassafras oil obtained from sassafras trees through the distillation process. Safrole is obtained by the extraction of Sassafras albidum. The distillation process started by the steam distillation of the sassafras tree. Ninety percent of safrole obtained from the resulting distillation product or yield product. Then the oil is dried by adding anhydrous calcium chloride in a small amount. Then calcium chloride is filtered; after that, the oil is vacuum distilled a 100 ᵒC under a specific vacuum of 11 mmHG or frozen to crystallize the safrole out to obtain Sassafras oil. This distillation process is almost the same in to escape safrole from the process. Safrole basically obtained from the extraction of sassafras albidum, which is native to North America in the form of Sassafras oil in or from a Brazilian species.

Oil extracted from the root and bark of sassafras trees and flowers and leaves can be added for the lemony and subtler oil.

Why is sassafras oil Used for? 

Sassafras oil is a very useful oil in various ways. This oil obtained from roots and woods of sassafras albidum has been used in many perfumes and soaps as scent. It was the commercial use of sassafras oil. In medicinal use, sussafras oil is used from being relieved from bites and stings of insects. This oil is used as a pleasant testing oil and flavoring agent in root beer. This oil has carcinogenic potential. That is why it is no longer used in food additives and flavors.

Where can safely buy sassafras oil Online

People are searching to buy sassafras oil Online because the demand for this essential oil is increasing day by day. With the influencing demand, many retailers and online pharmacies are retailing this essential oil online and offline. Some retailers don’t have the license to sale this oil. They are doing their business illegally. Now how can you trust the vendors? I have a solution for you. You should check the public reviews on their product and must double-check that they have a license to sale this drug.

Is it more likely confusing to you? Don’t get panic. Here is the simplest way I am telling you. Just grab this sassafras oil from our pharmacy. Why we? We are the vendors with a substantial-good quality product, and we maintain some good quality. Such as maintenance of the customer-vendor relationship, product guarantee, fastest-shipping, refund guarantee, 24/7 support.

Just show your reason to buy and grab your desired oil.

Why is sassafras oil illegal and banned?

 As we know, Sassafras oil used in various commercial and medicinal purposes. Though the lack of scientific evidence to use this oil for food additives and drink flavoring agents, it used for the benefit of it.

The USA and the FDA banned this essential sassafras oil for its Carcinogenic properties. The carcinogenic compound is responsible for the causes of cancer. When a massive amount of complaints gathered about any product, it should be banned. Though Sassafras oil is a notable or listed carcinogenic compound, it is illegal and banned.

 The point should be noted. Its benefit not negligible because it is a useful blood thinner.

What does sassafras smell like?

Sassafras is smell like fruit loops.  While you Scratch their bark and rub their lead between your finger, you will notice this fruit loop sweet smell. Sassafras is a cute tree with delightful smells. Sassafras oil is essential and suitable in different food additives and flavoring agents

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  1. Charles C. Fredrick

    I have buy this product by online,for spider bitten me.
    it was my experience,That was to quick..Enjoyed..

  2. Mary N. Duncan

    Best way to buy Generic medicine online in USA.actually 2 month ago i was suffered from bee attack.Doctor recommend this product from this website.and the result is pure organic…


    Actually i Lived in a area full of trees. That s why,there are different types of insect over here.To protect my children from these insects,I have order some medicine from this website.I am pretty happy to buy medicine from this has helped me really fast…

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