Buy Tianeptine Sodium | Tianeptine Sodium For Sale


Buy Tianeptine Sodium | Tianeptine Sodium For Sale


Name:  Tianeptine

Trade Names: Stablon, Coaxil

CAS number: 66981-73-5

Molar mass:  458.933 g/mol g·mol−1

PubChem: 68870

Molecular Formula:  C21H25ClN2O4S

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French society of medical research invented Tianeptine for the first time in 1960. After the development of Tianeptine, day by day, the popularity of it’s as increased. Nowadays, the multi-therapeutic efficacy and less chance of side effects made Tianeptine highly demandable. Not only antidepressants but also an anxiolytic drug, people can use it.

There are also some other purposes like treating asthma, reducing pain as a mediation. The therapeutic uses of Tianeptine depend on the required dose of every individual. People can buy Tianeptine sodium from many local outlets and online sources.

What is Tianeptine Sodium?

Tianeptine is a drug that is recognized internationally. It is a drug that can facilitate the reuptake of serotonin levels of the central nervous system. Mainly Tianeptine is a drug with antidepressant properties. People suffering from primary depressive analogs can take Tianeptine.  Besides acting as an antidepressant, Tianeptine can cure anxiety and asthma. A variety of brands are available for Tianeptine medication.

Two of the most common brand names of Tianeptine are-

  • Stablon
  • Coazil

Tianeptine has relatively less chance of getting sedation and cardiovascular side effects. Mainly Tianeptine is administered through the oral route. The bioavailability for Tianeptine is almost 99%, which very high.

Medical use Tianeptine Sodium

Tianeptine is filled with a lot of therapeutic uses. Tianeptine can treat some of the most commonly faced disorders that a person can face in daily life. Generally, Tianeptine can show effectiveness against disorder related to major depression. These people can use Tianeptine to reduce depression.

Some people use Tianeptine as an effective anxiolytic drug. Since Tianeptine is a useful anxiolytic drug, it can exert calming effects by reducing anxiety. Furthermore, Tianeptine places a vital role in panic disorders. People who have Parkinson’s disease can comfortably take Tianeptine as an antidepressant.

In some cases, people can use Tianeptine for treating irritable bowel syndrome. Tianeptine uses less chance of moth dryness and constipation. Tianeptine has a revolutionary use in treating asthma. People can use Tianeptine as an analgesic for relieving pain. For the treatment of hyperactivity disorder, people can effectively use Tianeptine.


The effectiveness of Tianeptine depends on the ideal dosing of it. Tianeptine has a variety of beneficial therapeutic effect as a medication. Tianeptine can act in the brain by enhancing serotonin uptake levels. Some people take Tianeptine for its anxiolytic effects. The required dose Tianeptine for adults is necessary to follow for high therapeutic effects.

Tianeptine can be useful for patients who have problems with concentrating on specific terms. Some people who are loss of energy can take Tianeptine for productive activity.


Tianeptine can act on some receptors with an opioid group. So, the overdose of Tianeptine is not neglectable. Maintaining the dose of Tianeptine is highly recommended. If an overdose occurs intentionally or unintentionally, it can exert a lot of side effects. Some people may get addicted to the overdose of Tianeptine. Tianeptine overdose can stop breathing and swallowing.

The overdose of Tianeptine can cause cardiovascular problems, which may lead to heart failure. People are suggested to consult with a doctor after overdoing it immediately.

What should I avoid while taking Tianeptine sodium?

There are some terms to follow and avoid some criteria to take Tianeptine medication. Since Tianeptine is an opioid medication, it is necessary to avoid drinking alcohol when taking it. Drinking alcohol with Tianeptine taking can cause a variety of undesired fatal effects. Drinking alcohol can make a person depressive and increasing anxiety.

Tianeptine can interact with other related medications if a person needs to take additional medicines during taking Tianeptine. They must consult with the doctor.

Where to buy Tianeptine Sodium

People all over the world can purchase Tianeptine sodium from online and local medicine outlets. To fulfill the growing demand of Tianeptine, it is a must to make it available for customer reach. Tianeptine sodium buys from online sources is more comfortable and convenient than buying it from local medicine shops. There are a variety of online sources in which Tianeptine is available.

In this competitive online market, we will provide you the best buying experience of Tianeptine online. We have professional and skillful technicians and pharmacists for the ideal management of online selling. Everyone can buy Tianeptine sodium powder at a cheaper and lower rate. We provide the customer with a higher quality of Tianeptine approved by the government or FDA. For emergency delivery, we are always prepared to deliver the product overnight wherever you want.

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Buying Tianeptine Without a prescription

We are not in support of selling a Tianeptine product without a prescription. Buying Tianeptine without prescription can have a reversible effect on the customers. It hampers the safety and security of the customer. It’s illegal to sell Tianeptine without prescription from our perception. So, we do not sell Tianeptine without prescription.

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