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IUPAC name: 2-(1H-Indol-3-yl)ethanamine
Chemical formula:
CAS Number: 61-54-1
PubChem CID :1150
Chemical formula: C10H12N2

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This Tryptamine is known as a prevalent functional group of substituted Tryptamines. Besides biologically active compounds, neurotransmitters, psychedelic drugs are associated with Tryptamines and Tryptamine sets.

In addition to the animals of the mammalian group, some plants also carry this drug in small amounts. This drug is available in many places and can order. Buying Tryptamine from us will be more beneficial. The indole ring contains two aminoethyl groups, position-3, and aminoalkylindole group includes Tryptamine in that group.

What is Tryptamine?

Tryptamines are a natural compound, and it is a designer drug. Its primary source is decarboxylation, which is part of tryptophan. Its chemical structures and their composition are, in many cases, similar to those drugs that produce hallucinations.

Tryptamine is an alkaloid of monoamide that structure like an indole ring. And its structure and shape are, in many cases, similar to that of amino acid tryptophan. This drug can trace from the brain of Mammalia animals as an endogenous group, and they act hypothesized as a neuromodulator. So this drug is significant.

Use of Tryptamine

The experience of taking this medicine is often called a trip. Now, this trip may be good or bad, but you cannot stop taking this medicine until you know how the drug is affecting you ultimately.

It is usually take in a non-oral manner such as injecting it or pushing the body through the smoke. Also, you can swallow the tab in the form of powder.

You can consume by dropping the liquid form of this drug into the food. How much of this medicine will affect you depends on the amount of medication you are taking or what shape you are taking.

4-substituted TryptaminesDosage


Duration of Action


10-204-6 hours


10-254-6 hours


10-152-3 hours


This drug often acts as halogenic or psychedelic. You may be experiencing something that you may not find real.

You may see or hear something with which they are not real. This drug has some side effects. For example, the body feels very bad, fever or vomiting or headache. You can see the effectiveness within 45 to 70 minutes.

Some effects are below:

Intense happiness, Feelings of peace and calm, vomit, headache, hallucination, etc.


Each drug has a specific dose form or some system that, if more or less, can cause serious harm. There is an appropriate dose to this drug too.

Taking the drug in overdose can only increase the toxicity level. And then, psychiatric, cognitive, neurological, cardiovascular problems are created. Mental issues often have a much more significant impact on the mind, which includes anxiety and anger.


This medicine is available in certain dosage forms, such as 10mg, 15mg, and 25mg. Drugs can be used for a long time, but should only be used for long periods as prescribed by a doctor, and if someone uses the medicine for a long time, the use of it can never stop without a doctor’s consultation.

Where to buy triptamine

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How to order tryptamine online legally?

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How can I be sure of the quality of tryptamine?

There are a lot of ways to verify the quality of tryptamine. Before buying this drug, you must check the public reviews on that particular page or where you buy it. And when it comes to delivering the drug from a pharmacy or a shop, you need to keep a close eye on the external condition of the drug and its expiry date and its manufacturing date.

Is it dangerous to buy tryptamine on the internet?

It is never dangerous to buy tryptamine from the internet. If an online pharmacy maintains all laws and legal rules and regulations, then buying tryptamine from the internet is never harmful. But if you make a drug purchase from any online pharmacy, you must check that page for safety, security, licenses, authenticity, quality, etc. If you notice these things very well, then it is never dangerous to buy tryptamine from the internet.

Available Types Of Tryptamine

4-HO-EPT 3g, 4-HO-EPT 5g, 4-HO-MPT 3g, 4-HO-MPT 5g, 4-ACO-DET FUMARATE 3g, 4-ACO-DET FUMARATE 5g


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