Buy Yellow Scorpion Venom | Yellow Fat Tail Scorpion For Sale


Buy Yellow Scorpion Venom | Yellow Fat Tail Scorpion For Sale

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The deathstalker. What a terrifying name for a creature that is roughly 4.5 inch! But this name gave it justice that is for sure. This little Scorpion is one of the most deadly animals in the world. The venom that it produces is the most expensive venom you can buy.

39$ million dollars per gallon! You cannot just go to a shop and buy this. Even a single drop of this will cost around 130$ per drop. Why is this sold at such a high price? Because a scorpion only produces around 2ml of venom at a time. Another name of this Scorpion is yellow Scorpion because it is yellow.

You can buy yellow scorpion venom from us.

Where Yellow Scorpion live

The Scorpion lives around the desert area. Where exactly is this desert area situated? Around North Africa to the Middle East is the natural habitat of this deadly venomous Scorpion. The Arabian desert, The Sahara, central Asia desert are the most common habitat for this yellow Scorpion.

Why yellow scorpion venom use

The use of scorpion venom is primarily for creating an antidote. Another method of this venom is for research chemical. There is much scientific paper that has proven that poisons have much property in the human body. The venom can be used for the treatment of any disease.  These properties of venom help in many medicinal usages. Chlorotoxins are a common type of chemical found in the venom.

Chlorotoxins bind with the particular type of tumour cells in the body, which causes cancer in the brain and spine. This is used to find the position of the tumour in the human body. Researchers discovered that the scorpion venom could be used to eliminate malaria in mosquitoes.

Kaliotoxin found in the scorpion venom was applied in rats. After using it on rats, there are reports that it fights bone diseases. Researchers are hoping that this property will also be useful in the human body too.

Where can I buy yellow fat tail scorpion venom

You can purchase yellow fat tail scorpion venom from our online pharmacy. We have a variety of collections.  With our goal of helping the researchers around the world, we try to keep all types of research chemical materials. Yellow Scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid in the world. This being so expensive, not every pharmacy in the world keeps this venom. We collected the most healthy species of scorpions from desert places and bred them.

We have a farm dedicated to Scorpions. You can buy the highest quality of yellow scorpion venom from us.

Are yellow scorpions poisonous?

Yes, Yellow scorpions are poisonous. They use their poison to harm the prey that they will haunt. If yellow Scorpion stings a human, this may not kill the individual but will cause a lot of pain.

Can a yellow scorpion kill you?

No, one yellow scorpion sting is not enough to kill an individual.  But several stings of the yellow-tailed Scorpion is enough to put a human to permanent sleep.

What to do if a scorpion stings you?

A sting from Scorpion is not venomous enough to kill you. But it will create a lot of pain. More than the bee stings. It will create numbness, cause pain, and the area will swell up. It is better to put ice on the sting area, and antihistamine with hydrocortisone cream are advised to apply on the field. An antihistamine will reduce allergic reaction,  and the cream will tackle inflammation.

How can you tell if a scorpion is venomous?

All scorpions carry some venom. There is a secure method to know if a scorpion is highly venomous or mildly venomous.  If the tail is fat, then the Scorpion will be deadly, and if the tail is not thick, then the Scorpion is less poisonous.


It is complicated to gather scorpion venoms. The yellow fat Scorpion being the most expensive venomous Scorpion many pharmacies will not sell this product. But we have this precious liquid for you. If you have the permission to conduct research with this venom just go to our website and we will provide you with your product. You can buy yellow fat scorpion venom from our online shop.

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