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Name: Etaqualone

Trade  Name: Aolan, Athinazone, Ethinazone

 CAS number: 7432-25-9

Molar mass: 264.322 g·mol−1

PubChem: 23914

Molecular Formula: C17H16N2O

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Until 1960 sedative and hypnotic medicines were not common in the market. The most popular medicine found before that time was Methaqualone. People used to know this medicine by one name. It was a combination of medication and was very popular.

But after 1960 the popular medicine started to lose its market share. The discovery of Etaqualone put the manufacturer of Methaqualone is a worrying face.  At first, the drug was released in the European market and slowly the world.

The dose varies from 50 to 500mg, depending on the individual.  So what made Etaqualone more popular? What are the effects of Etaqualone that make the medicine better than Methaqualone? Etaqualone buy or methaqualone buy which one should you click on our website?

Let us have an in-depth look into Etaqualone so you can find these answers.

What is Etaqualone?

Etaqualone is a sedative and hypnotic drug, but better. How is this better? Because it can serve other therapeutic properties such as muscle relaxant, pain reliever, and CNS depressant. The chemical name of Etaqualone is 3-(2-ethylphenyl)-2-methyl-quinazolin-4-one. This acts as an agonist in the CNS.

The agonist activity of this drug blocks the B-subtype receptors of GABA amino proteins. This gives the necessary actions. This medicine is mostly a free base drug. That means the polarity of this drug is very low. The solubility of this drug is none in water. You cannot mix this in water.

But the alcohol and non-poplar solutions can dissolve this drug. The marketed solutions are thus found to be dissolved in such solvent. This is also a salt form of this drug. The salt form is more soluble and potent.  Manufacturers try to sell this drug in salt forms.

There are three dosage forms found in the market. They are mostly oral. The medicine is found as powders or as tablets that are taken via the oral route of administration. There are other means of taking this drug too. Some individuals choose this drug via snorting, and smoking this drug is also common.

Use of Etaqualone

The use of Etaqualone is similar to the one drug that it took the crown from. Methaqualone and Etaqualone both have identical application.  Not only that, this medicine contains some activities that are of benzodiazepines and barbiturates.

The use of Etaqualone are:

  1.   Sedation: this drug blocks the b-subtype receptors of the GABA amino proteins. That indices sedative properties.
  2.   Soothing properties: it is another effect of this medication; the reason behind these properties is the same as the sedation mechanism.
  3.   Muscle relaxant: The neurotransmitter junction in the neuron is blocked by this medication. The acetylcholine receptors are not able to carry the pain sensation, and this relaxes the muscle.
  4.   Insomnia: Insomnia is the root of many other diseases.  The sedative properties of the medication help the individual to sleep, so the patient does have to go without sleep at night.
  5.   Lowers blood pressure: the activity of the heart is slowed down, so it reduces the blood pressure
  6.   Relaxes the respiratory system:  the full-body goes to a relaxed state that brings down the respiration rate.
  7.   Lowers the heart rate:  the beating of the heart is slowed down.


Let me be the bearer of bad news. The medicines that you are taking for the betterment of your health are making you feel good, but in the meantime, making some changes in your body. Those changes are not functional and known as side effects.

No matter at the low dose you are taking a medicine, there are some side effects to your medication. And every drug has side effects, so does Etaqualone.

Like most sedative drugs, there are some common effects:

  1.   Euphoria: This is a good feeling. Our brain tends to think that we are in a peaceful state, and we lose control over our bodies. This can also be compared to the pleasure or well being of an individual.
  2.   Relaxation: the person goes to a deep relaxation state.
  3.   Increased sociability: the individual suddenly starts to act like a social person, talks too much, and tries to talk to the people around them.  Too much sure about their condition and health.
  4.   Increased sexuality: the sexual desire to mate with the opposite gender is enhanced. This goes out of hand sometimes. Although this is not permanent just for a little amount of time.
  5.   Short time memory loss:  the individual forgets where he is, where he is from, and who the people around them are. The individual may also forget things after a little while, like where he put his pieces of stuff or where he works, etc. but this is also for a short time.
  6.     Loss of coordination: the individual starts to walk like a drunk, cannot move into a linear direction, and has no control over his body.


There are different doses of this medication found from 50mg to 500mg. All types of dosage are available in the market.  But the potency of this drug is very high, so if we get this medication at a higher dose than the one that is prescribed, we will face complications.

The overdose complication is very much proportional. The higher the dose that we will take, the more side effects we will get.

The most common overdose are:

  1.   Nervous system shutdown
  2.   Coma
  3.   Delirium
  4.   Convulsion
  5.   Hypertonia
  6.   Hyperreflexia
  7.   Vomiting
  8.   Kidney failure
  9.   Cardiac arrest
  10.   Respiratory arrest
  11.   Death

If anyone takes medicine more than he was prescribed, then immediate measures are needed. Doctors need to have a look at the patient, and 911 must be called.

Best etaqualone vendor for buy

There are hundreds of online pharmacies from where you can buy Etaqualone. All the pharmacies will sell you this medicine, but you cannot be sure if you are getting the best product or not. There are online pharmacies or vendors that will provide you with a product. But before buying your product from any vendor,  you must keep your eyes open. The best vendors are the ones who are registered by the state and the FDA.

The best vendors will show their registration numbers and other papers on their website. Another thing is that the vendors will ask for a prescription; they will not provide you the ordered product unless you give the medicine. So without prescription, the vendors that will try to sell the products are mostly nor genuine.

The reasons why you should buy Etaqualone from our online Pharmacy

Because our online Pharmacy is the best, our primary goal is to achieve our customer’s satisfaction and trust. That is why you can come to us to buy your product, and we will give them to you.

Our business policy is to make the smallest of profit and give the best product. To do that we buy the product directly from our manufacturers.

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How to order Etaqualone online legally?

You can log into our website, upload your prescription, and buy Etaqualone legally from online.

Why our price cheaper than other Etaqualone?

We directly buy the product from the manufacturer on wholesale and look to make a minimum profit. So we can sell the product at a more affordable price.

How can I be sure of the quality of Etaqualone?

We get the product from the FDA approved manufacturers, we have registered A grade pharmacists, and we are designated by the state. So you can be sure about the quality.

Is it dangerous to buy Etaqualone on the internet?

There are many scamming sites. They will steal your private information and take money from you. So yes, if you are not very careful, you have a chance of getting robbed.


This is one of the most common drugs used today in the market.

No pharmacy is permitted to sell this product without taking a look at the prescription order. You can easily get addicted to this drug. You must follow the instruction given by the physicians.

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