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Ethylone For Sale | Buy Ethylone Online

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Names:   Ethylone

Other Names: 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-ethylcathinone

Formula:  C12H15NO3

CAS number: 77239-98-6

Molar mass:  221.2524 g/mol g·mol−1

PubChem: 57252245

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Ethylone is a recreational designer drug. In many countries, this drug is illicit. The effects of this drug are many. Ethylone is used as an empathogen, stimulant, and a psychedelic.

Designer drugs are drugs that are made from the parent compound of an illicit chemical. For the variety of powerful effects exerted by this drug, many physicians prescribe it.

Ethylone is a medicine that is prescribed occasionally, so it is a common question where to get this medicine from. In our Pharmacy, we have Ethylone for sale.

What is ethylone?

Ethylone is a chemical name. The chemical formula of Ethylone is 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-ethylcathinone. This is a designer drug. The drug is a derivative of methylone.
The structure of Methylone is modified to make Ethylone. When listed as an illicit drug, the manufacturer produces this modification. This is known as a designer drug. The drug is then sold in the market without any problem.

Use of ethylone

Ethylone is had many purposes. The properties of Ethylone are many. The use of Ethylone are listed below:
1. To get rid of anxiety. The anxiety slowly causes disabling and even cause distress.
2. Cerebral palsy
3. Sudden muscle spasm.
4. The alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
5. Dental patients who go under treatment.
6. Used before surgery.
7. Ethylene is a psychedelic drug, used for recreation.
8. It has stimulant effects.
The properties of Ethylone are also used for recreational purposes.


The effects of Ethylone on the human body are many. They are listed below:

1. Spontaneous physical sensations – This Ethylone has extreme euphoric feeling. This drug has a tingling sensation that affects the entire body. After a specific dose limit, this drug has the capability of producing pleasurable sensations. This sensation is maintained at a consistent presence. The consciousness slowly rises with the onset of this drug. After every dose, the feeling gets higher. But after specific treatment, the peak reaches.

2. Stimulation – Etylone is a conventional medicine used as a stimulant. The energy level of one can be stimulated. This stimulation in energy will encourage activities such as running, climbing, and dancing. The particular stimulation style makes Ethylone a popular choice of drug. In musical events, dance events, or festivals, the use increases. This stimulation is dependent on the amount of the drug taken. The more dose will cause more activity in the body. But with a higher dose, this will cause shake in the body. This may result in uncontrolled shaking in hand.

3. Vibrating vision – Increase dose of this medication causes one to lose vision. Temporary loss of vision causes blurriness in the image. This condition is known as Nystagmus.

4. Dehydration – Dehydration means a lack of water. This will make the patient dryness in the mouth. This dryness in suffered by all the individuals who have taken this medicine. Increase in heart rate and extreme motivation to strenuous physical activities. The increased activities will certainly cause dehydration. There is a number of users of this medicine who have suffered from water intoxication through over-drinking. So the users must be careful not to drink a lot of water at once but take a sip.

5. Difficulty urinating – a harmless effect of this medication is difficulty in urination. This is because of Ethylone’s stimulation for the release of the ADH hormone. ADH is a hormone that regulates urination. Excess ADH urination causes difficulty in urination. The effect of urination we lessened by relaxing. By keeping the gentile in a warm area will increase the blood flow, and this will help you get rid of this uncomfortable situation.

6. Temperature regulation suppression
7. Tactile enhancement
8. Increased heart rate
9. Increased perspiration
10. Increased blood pressure
11. Teeth grinding – This component can be considered to be less intense when compared with that of MDMA.


Overdose of this drug will have severe effects on the individual. Some of the results that are seen are:
• Unrealistic feelings of superiority, cleverness, or power, including delusions of grandeur
• Increased talkativeness
• High sociability
• Low inhibitions
• Poor judgment
• Excitability
• Extreme pleasure and sense of wellbeing
• High energy
• Rapid heartbeat and breathing rate
• Altered sexual behaviors
• Increased alertness
• Dilated pupils
• High blood pressure
• Increasing anxiety and paranoia to the point of delusion
• Decreased appetite
• Increasing hostility

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How to order Ethylone online legally?

It is effortless to order ethylone from our Pharmacy. All you need is just a prescription. Any valid prescription will be accepted. You need to go to our website. Then you will be asked to upload a photo of your order. Our pharmacist will have a look at your prescription.
Once our pharmacist looks at your prescription, he will provide you with your medication.

Why our price cheaper than other Ethylone?

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How can I be sure of the quality of Ethylone?

Our online Pharmacy is approved by the FDA. FDA is the highest authority of the medical body that give the certificate. So with the approval of the FDA along with our certificate provided by the government, you can be assured of the quality of our product.

Is it dangerous to buy Ethylone on the internet?

Yes. It is dangerous to buy ethylone on the internet. That is because of the fake or rogue pharmacies. There are so many fake online pharmacies that the customers get confused. But our Pharmacy will provide you with being the best product guaranteed, so you don’t have to be in any danger.


Ethylone is a designer medication, used for many therapeutic effects. But it has many side effects as well. So we should be careful when using this medicine. There are many online pharmacies that sell fake drugs. So we should be cautious about where to buy this medicine. At our Pharmacy, we have Ethylone for sale.


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