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Names:  Methoxetamine

Other Names: MXE; 3-MeO-2′-oxo-PCE

Formula:  C15H21NO2

CAS number: 125-29-1

Molar mass:  247.33 g/mol g·mol−1

PubChem: 52911279

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Methoxetamine may also be acquainted or familiar as M-ket, MXE, Kmax, and Mexxy. It is a hallucinogen that is sold as a designer drug. Methoxetamine vendors are actively working as a distributor of this drug. 

Arylcyclohexylamines has some chemical class or groups; methoxetamine is one of them. This methoxetamine powder is known as a designer drug and gives analgesic effects. It is used for research purposes only. It is not compatible with human or animal. 

What is methoxetamine(MXE)?

Methoxetamine is a dissociative, research chemical and an antidepressant drug that keeps people far away from their body or physical surroundings. It is a hallucination type drug that produces halogenation, and it changes thoughts, emotions, feelings, feelings, and consciousness. 

There are some drugs, such as veterinary drugs, which are also of the halogenation type drug and anesthetic type, and they act as antagonists under the NMDA receptor. Methoxetamine is exactly like them. Ketamine is a type of halogenation drug, methoxetamine drug has been developed by many researchers to reform or to recreate a ketamine drug. Ketamine is also sold legally as an alternative to methoxetamine.

Use of methoxetamine

There are many ways to take this medicine. Sometimes the drug is taken orally or can be taken sublingually with the tongue down. It can usually be consumed by mixing with water or injected into the muscle, but it should never be mixed with alcohol or any other kind.

The main difference between ketamine and MXE is that the time of effect after consuming it. It works very slowly, but its effects are much longer. It takes effect within 15 to 30 minutes of taking it. Ketamines have some abusive effects. MXE has been designed and invented to prevent urotoxicity. Urotoxicity in maximum time associated with ketamine drug.


Some of these short-term effects are seen from all kinds of experiences in the past year. MXE can effect based on:

  • the drug amount,
  • the height, weight and health condition of the patient,
  • whether the patient is an alcoholic or addicted or not,
  • if other medicines are taken around the same time.

Some effects are given below:

Intense happiness, Feelings of peace and calm, Heightened empathy, coziness, dissociation

, vivid hallucinations, introspection, Anti-depressant, Sensory experiences.


This can lead to many types of problems if the toxicity level goes too high. Taking the drug in overdose can only increase the toxicity level. Psychiatric, cognitive, neurological, cardiovascular problems are then created. Psychiatric problems often have a much greater impact on the mind which includes anxiety and anger.

The overdose of any kind of drug is neither good nor beneficial, but it is much more serious and dangerous. By taking it in excess, the muscles that we have in our body often lose their capacity, and our body temperature goes up, and the kidneys fail, the body becomes white, the hypertension is shown to be extremely deadly, or the patient goes into a coma.

Trusted MXE Vendors

If you want to purchase any kind of medicine from a trusted place, even if this methoxetamine drug and then you can take it from our online pharmacy. And our online pharmacy is the best and most good and dependable place to be. There are many authoritative side suppliers for medicines that provide medicines with great caution and with great reliability. They often deliver goods from one country to another via shipping through wholesale and thus. Drugs are supplied from many types of countries such as the USA, Europe, France, Germany, etc. They have many online authentication sites. We are always very easy and keeping in mind the convenience of the customer and their needs.

The reasons why you should buy methoxetamine from our online pharmacy

Our online pharmacy the most trusted and much better and faster dispatcher of medicines from the rest of the online websites. You can buy this drug very quickly and easily at our online pharmacy without any prescription. There are many discounts on our online pharmacies, and in many cases, you can get home deliveries. 


We are the most trusted and much better and faster dispatcher of medicines from the rest of the online websites. You can buy this drug easily at our online pharmacy without any prescription. There are many discounts on our online pharmacies, and in many cases, you can get home deliveries.

Many methoxetamine vendors also supply legal medicines.

The key reasons why you should buy methoxetamine from our online pharmacy:

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How to order methoxetamine online legally?

First of all, if you want to order methoxetamine legally online, you must obtain a prescription from an authorized pharmacy or pharmacist or doctor. And you can easily order methoxetamine from any online well-licensed and authorized online site or pharmacy after you receive a prescription. Methoxetamine USA vendors also provide legal drugs.

Why our price cheaper than other methoxetamine?

Our primary purpose and mission are to distribute or deliver our medicine to people of all walks of society at excellent quality and low prices.

So we keep the quality of all drugs excellent, and we provide a low price. We make very little profit, but we want people from all classes to buy medicine from us.

How can I be sure of the quality of methoxetamine?

There are a lot of identified and qualified online pharmacies from which you can purchase methoxetamine. But before buying methoxetamine, you must check the public reviews on that page or where you buy it. And when it comes to delivering the drug from a pharmacy or a shop, you need to keep a close eye on the external condition of the drug and its expiry date and its manufacturing date.

Is it dangerous to buy methoxetamine on the internet?

Legally and in compliance with all laws buying methoxetamine from the internet is never dangerous. But if you make a drug purchase from any online pharmacy, you must check that page for safety, security, licenses, authenticity, quality, etc. If you notice these things very well, then it is never dangerous to buy methoxetamine from the internet.



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