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Nifoxipam Powder Buy Online

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Name: Nifoxipam

Other  Name: 3-hydroxydesmethylflunitrazepam, DP 370

 CAS number: 74723-10-7

Molar mass: 315.256 g/mol g·mol−1

PubChem: 3058221

Molecular Formula: C15H10FN3O4

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What is Nifoxipam?

The term Nifoxipam can be described as a necessary form of the drug. The Nifoxipam is a class of benzodiazepine group of medicine. Although, Nifoxipam is a benzodiazepine drug, but the source is from a non-major metabolite of flunierazepam. Nifoxipam is identified as a designer drug in the pharmaceutical market. Nifoxipam is introduced in the forensic community in 2014 and 2016. The powder and tablet form of Nifoxipam initiate for the first time.

Nifoxipam is mainly derived from the active metabolites of flunierazepam. Mostly, Nifoxipam has the properties of inducing sedative and hypnotic effects. So, the therapeutic effectiveness of Nifoxipam acts as an anti-anxiety and depression suppressant drug. Mainly, Nifoxipam is available in the oral dosage form. The bioavailability of Nifoxipam after administration is almost 75-80%. Varieties of the brand of Nifoxipam in a different form are available for uses.

Use of Nifoxipam Powder

Generally, Nifoxipam has a variety of therapeutic applications along with some forensic applications. From the starting of the Nifoxipam discovery day by day, the use of Nifoxipam is increasing at a reasonable rate. Uses of Nifoxipam are more beneficial rather than toxicity. Different types of forms are available to use Nifoxipam. Among those forms, the solid structure, which is a tablet, has the most common uses. Typically, the administration of Nifoxipam doses ranges from 0.5-3mg.

An adult patient should use Nifoxipam between these ranges for maintaining safety. Higher than required dose than cause undesired effects. Furthermore, people can use Nifoxipam in powder doses form. The commonly used administration route of Nifoxipam including the oral ad sublingual route. The user of benzodiazepine drugs can safely they use Nifoxipam comparing to other similar drugs.

As Nifoxipam can exert more sedative effects rather than toxicity, it can reduce anxiety. People suffering from depressional stress can use Nifoxipam as a recreation suppressant. On the other hand, people suffering from muscle scrums can use Nifoxipam for relaxing the muscle. Finally, Nifoxipam has used on inducing sleep and amentia effects.


The novelty of Nifoxipam as an antidepressant drug is liable for various subjective effects. Some of the results after using Nifoxipam can be long term, and some others can settle for a while.  The effects depend upon the regularly required uses of Nifoxipam. The sudden discontinue of Nifoxipam can exert some side effects to the patient. In some other cases, a patient can be dependent or get habituated by using Nifoxipam for a prolonged duration.

Some subjective effects of Nifoxipam including-

  •   Physical effects
  1.   Sedation: Nifoxipam can act as a potent sedative drug for suitable patients at the required level of dose. At higher doses, the sedation can be so extreme that it can cause hypnotic effects.
  2.   Motor control loss: For the older patients at a higher dose of Nifoxipam can deprive of coordination.
  3.   Muscle relaxant
  4.   Dizziness
  5.   Respiratory recreation
  •   Paradoxical effects
  1.   Increase of seizers
  2.   Increased anxiety
  3.   Aggression
  4.   Loss of impulse control
  5.   Suicidal behavior
  6.   Epilepsy
  •   Cognitive effects
  1.   Thought deceleration
  2.   Emotion suppression
  3.   Disinhibition
  4.   Euphoria
  5.   Compulsive disorder
  6.   Dilution of sobriety


A lower dose of Nifoxipam is ideal for moderate uses for patents. So, it is always advisable to start the treatment with the average dose. The higher doses of Nifoxipam can cause different unwanted effects. Patients under 18 years old are still prohibited from taking Nifoxipam.

On the other hand, older patients above 70 years old should avoid this drug. The ideal dose for suitable patient including-

  • Threshold dose: 0.10 mg
  • Light dose: 0.25-0.5 mg
  • Common dose: 0.5-1.0 mg
  • Strong dose: 1-2 mg
  • Heavy dose: 2mg+

The included parameters have to be followed in regular intervals to avoid the overdose of Nifoxipam. But, in extremely large quantities of Nifoxipam can cause the overdose side effects.

Some side effects including-

  1.   Confusion
  2.   Slurred speech
  3.   Virtual thought
  4.   Respiratory depression
  5.   Dilutions
  6.   Comma
  7.   Death

Nifoxipam overdose should be treated immediately in an efficient way by consulting with the doctor.

Where to buy Nifoxipam?

Nowadays, Nifoxipam has become available in almost every local and online market. People are becoming keen to buy Nifoxipam for their therapeutic effectiveness. Choosing the right place to buy Nifoxipam is a major mandatory factor. There are so many opportunities to buy Nifoxipam from online shops rather than buy it from local medicine stores.

People should follow some precautions before choosing there desired vendor. A person must observe the current Nifoxipam review comparing to different online medicine stores. The online shops approved by FDA and other specific authorization can provide excellent quality of products with full security. So, people must try to buy Nifoxipam from an authorized and licensed vendor.

The delivery system of Nifoxipam has to be proper and fastest before buying it from any online shop. A person can get the best buying experience from a well-managed medicinal organization.

The reasons why you should buy Nifoxipam powder from our online Pharmacy

Our main motive is to serve our customers with the best quality products at a cheaper cost. We also care about the delivery system of our products very safely. Our medicine shop is authorized by the world-known organization like the FDA and others. We strictly follow the GMP guideline, along with qualified and skillful personnel. We have an emergency delivery services available for our sensitive patients. Our delivery system is the fastest and safest of all.

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How to order Nifoxipam powder online legally?

A person can legally order Nifoxipam with a prescription from a well-known physician. People can order Nifoxipam from an authorized and government-approved medicine shop legally.

Why our price cheaper than other Nifoxipam powder?

As we are always committed to serve our customers with the lowest of profit and most excellent services. So, we always keep the price the most economical and cheapest.

How can I be sure of the quality of Nifoxipam powder?

Our shop is accomplished with quality products with following the GMP guideline. Our shop is validated with a world-known health organization at regular intervals. So, there is no question of compromising with the quality. So, you can undoubtedly by Nifoxipam of the best quality from us.

Is it dangerous to buy Nifoxipam powder on the internet?

If a person buys Nifoxipam from a trustable licensed online medicine shop, it is not dangerous to buy Nifoxipam.


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