-Oxycodone with Acetaminiphen(Generic Percocet)

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Trade names Percocet, OxyContin, many others
Formula C18H21NO4
Molar mass 315.364 g/mol
Synonyms Eukodal, eucodal; dihydrohydroxycodeinone, 7,8-dihydro-14-hydroxycodeinone, 6-deoxy-7,8-dihydro-14-hydroxy-3-O-methyl-6-oxomorphine
Dependence  High
Routes of administration By mouth, sublingual, intramuscular, intravenous, intranasal, subcutaneous, transdermal, rectal, epidural.
Bioavailability Oral: 60–87%
The onset of action IR: 10–30 minutes
CR: 1 hour
Elimination half-life Oral (IR): 2–3 hours 
Oral (CR): 4.5 hours
Duration of action Oral (IR): 3–6 hours[4]
Oral (CR): 10-12 hours
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