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Why did nature bestow animals with toxins? Or venoms? Or poisonous saliva? They are a part of the defense mechanisms of these animals.But these venoms do not only serve as a chemical that is used for their defensive purposes but also for other reasons. Humans for many years have been collecting these chemicals for their own use. What are the most animals that you can think of have venomous glands in their body? I will name a few, snakes,spiders, scorpios, frogs, some insects etc.

What if you were able to get high from touching or taking thess venoms? Humans realized that the venom of Colorado riavar toad, a type of rivar frog found mostly in Mexico contains the property. The discovery opened a new marketplace to sell this venom. There are thousands of chemist around the world looking to buy the authentic product. No more searching! We are going to circumcise your suffering because we have psychoactive toad for sale.

What is psychoactive toad?

Psychoactive toad! Sounds funny right? The term sounds like a frog that is psychoactive! Then what, a person will eat the frog and he will get psychoactive effects! No the name may be a little deceiving, but psychoactive toad are the type of frog, they can produce a type of venom that is psychoactive.

Like every other animal’s toad or frogs have a defense mechanism. Some frogs have exudate gland, situated under their skin. The gland produces venom or toxin that they secret when they feel threatened.  A type of frog found in Mexico known as Colorado river frog or Sonoran Desert toad. They have exudate gland which produce two toxin known as 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenin.

Why people use psychoactive toad?

There are always two sides of using any products. This is totally upto the intension of user. You can use it for your good intension, or you can use it for your bad habit. The psychoactive chemical is used mostly for medicinal properties.

The chemical name of the psychoactive venom is known as 5-MeO-DMT. This chemical is a cousin of another chemical known as dimethyltryptamine. Similar structure to its cousin compound but do not follow the slow ability to effect human. A research found that the chemical is six time more potent than their cousin. This potency is very impressive.

The chemical is thus used as a more api to create a more useful powerful drug than the ones found in the market. The narcotic properties of this chemical is used. Another use of this chemical is for recreational purposes. But as I have mentioned above the higher potency have higher lethality.

Psychoactive toad for sale

Can you buy psychedelic toad venom online?

Yes , you can. You can use the most powerful tool invented by human kind to do almost anything. Online shopping is getting popular day by day, and the popularity is now sky high. Getting psychedelic online is also possible. But there is a certain rule you have to follow. As venoms have psychedelic properties not anyone can be given the permission to buy this drug and get high!

Where can I Buy Toad Venom?

There is a saying that goes on the internet, “ If you want to get something you just have to know where to look”. In the vast world of online that statement is more true than life itself! The most common place where you can buy your toad venom is from the online pharmacies. But not all the pharmacies are permitted to sell this venom, nor they will.

So you have look for the pharmacies who are registered by the government and just buy from one of them. You can find a list of registered pharmacies from government sites. Why bother doing all the research, don’t you feel like just ordering a product which seems cheap online? We would highly discourage you to do that. You should always look for the genuine website to buy their product.

We are registered by the government you can trust us. ( you can!)

Can you buy a Colorado River toad?

Want to  buy a Colorado River Toad that is rare and produces a toxin that has psychedelic properties? we have that for you. We bred them, and make sure we have the top quality animals to us.If you want to buy them, order us online and we will send you the frog over three days. And our experts will also give you tips on how you can keep them safe.

Can you smoke toad venom?

Recently it was discovered that people are able to go to a pleasurable phase by smoking this product. The liquid is extracted and then dehydrated. The dehydrated chemical is then taken into a roll of joint and then smoked like weed.

What toad can you lick to get high?

What people don’t do to get pleasure?  We all read about kissing a frog so that one would get a prince! And the pleasuring sensation by licking a frog, would anyone do that? Yes.The answer is yes they would. People lick Bufo Alvarius species to get high.

Does DMT come from frogs?

No, DMT is a cousin of the chemical that the venom Bufo Alvarius produces. Chemical that is 5-MeO-DMT. Although they are quite same in the structure, there is a difference in potency. 5-MeO-DMT is six times more potent that DMT.


One of the unique venom is toad venom. This has the property of making a person high. We have psychoactive toad for sale in our online pharmacy. You can also buy from venom from us. We do not sell this drug without prescription or permission order. If you want to buy toad venom online, order at our pharmacy.

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