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Refund PolicyReturn and refund policy

Once your order has been given to the delivery service you choose or after we have sent you the order. There will be no option for canceling. You have the option of canceling the order before your shipment was made. But after the purchase, there is nothing we can do.

But if you want to cancel your order after placing your order, you have to option of withdrawing it. In case of a refund, you will be charged the delivery or shipping cost.

But if our delivery system makes any mistake and sends you the wrong product, your product will be replaced within three days.

In case of a product that is reported to be fake or not standard and you can prove it, we will not only refund you; we will be giving you a prize that will be double of what you used to buy the product.

After a shipment has been made, you cannot return it, but if you pay us the delivery money, we will be happy to take back the product, give your money back and wait for your next order.


You agree to follow these rules below when you buy products from us:

This website is only for people 18 years and older. We are the only sellers. The thing you do after buying the product is your responsibility. Any misuse of the product will not be subjected to us.

The articles or the blogs on our website can be used for historical, educational, or scientific reasons. We are not promoting and illegal activities on our website. The use is totally up to you. We do not promote anything that would be harmful to society.

There are some products which are illegal in many countries. We will not send you the product if the product is illegal in your country. If you violate any law of your country, you are the one who is responsible.

All the products sold here are for medicinal purposes. The chemicals and venoms sold here are for research.

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