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TOO tired to read the whole thing? At a glance, we do not sell products without the proper paperwork. And you are responsible for buying any product. So GET YOUR PRODUCT AT YOUR RSIK!

By using this site, you agree to follow the terms and conditions that we have set to buy any products. Do not buy any product you do not agree with any of the things we have listed below. It is highly recommended to read them all if you purchase any product from our website, which means that you are cooperating with the terms and conditions that we have set for you.

Limitation of age:

There is a certain age limit below that you cannot buy any product from us. We set that age to be 18. When you place an order, we will be confirming that you are a person who is over 18 years old. If you are not 18 years old, at least you are advised not to buy our product. We will not be giving you your product if you do not show us confirmation about your age.

Not only that, after buying this product, you are not allowed to give or sell the product to anyone who is not at least 18 years old. We hold the right not to sell any product if you are not 18 years old, and giving us any false information will be accounted for as a crime.


Products and Goods

Our purpose is to sell the product for medical research or use. By placing an order, you are agreeing that you will be using this product only for research or medicinal purposes, not anything else. You will not be using this chemical for recreational purposes.

You will also be using proper equipment at a well-equipped laboratory, with all the safety facilities. So the research chemical would not create a hazard to the general people. You will also be agreeing that any harm done by the product that you will be buying will be under your full responsivity. With that, you will not be using the product to harm or damage anyone or anything.

Purchase of Airmail Shipping

When you order your product via airmail, we are not responsible for delivering the product if something goes wrong. We will provide you the product if everything is well and safe, in case of any calamities you will not get a refund.

Purchase of Tracked Shipping

In the only purchase of a tracked shipping method, you will be given a tracking number from that you can track your product. But if anything goes south, we are not responsible, and no amount of money will be given. An error made while being on the air will be considered a loss for you.

Purchase of  Tracked/Insured Shipping

If you choose to select insured shipping, then the responsibility of sending you the product will be ours. We will send you the product as early as possible. You need to send us the money that you will be charged.

You will be provided a tracking number too. If anything goes wrong and the product does not get delivered to you within three days, we will send you the product once again. Sending you the product will be our responsibility. This process is the more secure way of ordering for you. Any error will be cost-free with no extra charge.

Countries excluded from the reship guarantee

Some countries will not be getting free reship. Not all our product sending countries will be getting free reship facilities. Some countries are not listed to be given free reship. In that case, if any customer orders the product on the insured policy, then he will only have to pay the amount of money that will be needed to reship, and the product will not be charged for a second time.

Claims for incorrect or missing items

Any claims of not getting the order or missing the product from the box must be reported immediately. After seven days of the delivery date, no complaints will be taken into action. If any such case is found where the shipping was missing any product, then another product will be sent within the next three days.

Any claims need to be made with details and emails will need to be sent at our website, with a clear picture of the product that was missing from the box.

Payment of orders

Our secure payment system pays all orders. If you place an order, you can pay via any online means. But if we do not get the money, your products will not be delivered. It is better to pay us in full before the shipment. We do not sell a product on EMI. You can choose our own delivery system, and then we allow you to pay us when you receive your product.

If you choose any method other then our delivery service, then you have to pay the full amount prior to sending any product. Some of the countries in Asia are charged a little extra due to some extra chargers for international fare.

If your bank or online money media charge anything extra, then you have to pay that, we are not responsible for that.


We accept bitcoin. As bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, we will not be able to track who we got the coins from. So you will have to send us the coin and tell us about the transaction that you made. Then we will follow your transaction number and confirm your payment.

If we do not confirm your payment within ten days, that means we were not able to match the transaction number that you sent us. In that case, even if you had made your transaction, you will not get your order placed and lose your money. Your lost amount cannot be recovered, and we are not responsible for that kind of problem.

Bitcoin is still illegal in the following countries:







7.Republic of Macedonia

8.Saudi Arabia



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