What Do You Know About 4-CMC Drugs? Facts You Never Knew

Let me introduce you to the term “designer drugs”. No this does not mean that you can buy these drugs and they will help you to design your house or your assignments! It is indicating to medicines which have a similar structure to control substance and can copy the pharmacological actions of the parent compound.

The 4-CMC drug is a designer drug. The reason behind making this drug is to bypass the law in many countries. The chemical name of 4-CMC is 4- Chloromethcathinone. It is the analogue of cathinone. How to buy the 4-CMC drug is a common question.

What is 4-CMC mean

Cathinone is converted into other compounds to sell in the market. Though cathinone is illegal in many states or countries, no law said anything about the derivatives. So 4-CMC or 4-Chloromethcathinone is invented.

4-CMC is a designer drug. This drug is a designer drug sold in the market. 4-CMC is a research chemical. Only for public interest or for scientific reason was this drug developed. After 4-CMC was banned, the people were looking for a replacement. Soon after, people found this and quietly become very popular.

4-cmc structure

Cathinone is a chemical compound found in the extract of a plant known as “Khat”. This plant is in Africa. Cathinone works on the central nervous system and changes different emotional functions in the consumer. 4-CMC also follows the controlled substance from which it was designed.

4-CMC belongs to class cathinone and the subclass of amphetamine. This drug is an analogue of methcathinone. The structure contains the same amphetamine structure, and chlorine is replaced at the four positions.

The chlorine in the structure makes the drug more of a potent neurotoxic drug.

Why 4-CMC prescribed for

Not many times, physicians choose to prescribe 4-CMC. Only on rare occasions, they prescribe them. This drug is an analogue of mephedrone. Some suggest that this drug have fewer side effects or have more potency than mephedrone. That is why 4-CMC is prescribed as an alternative.

The therapeutic effects that are targeted by mephedrone also go for 4-CMC. They are:

•  alertness

•  restlessness

•  euphoria

•  excitement

•  the urge to talk

•  openness

•  sex drive

•  • Paranoia: people begin to distrust others

•  • Hallucinations

•  • Viagra effects

•  • Panic attack

•  • Excited delirium- suddenly shows extreme agitation and violent behaviour.

4-CMC dosage:

4-CMC is a drug used for its psychoactive properties. There are a few dosage forms of this medicine.

For oral route:

The minimum dose to act on the system at least is 20mg to 30mg. The minimum dose of potency between 30mg to 50mg. The typical treatment is from 50mg to 100mg, and a healthy dose starts from higher than 100mg. The active dose is not easily prescribed, only in an emergency. The effects of the treatment begin from 45-60 minutes. The main impact starts around 3 to 5 hours, and the outcome remains approximately 2 to 12 hours.

For nasal route:

The dose starts ranging from 10mg to 30mg. The standard treatment is between 40mg to 70mg range, and the stable dose is expected to show from 60mg to 100mg and above. The drugs start to act when given this route after 10 minutes to 30 minutes. The maximum output is at 2 hours to 4 hours range, but the effect remains for 12 hours at least.

Intravenous route:

The minimum dose is from 5mg to 20mg. Common dose ranges from 30mg to 60mg, and strong dose starts from 50mg to 80mg. The action stars from 5 to 10 minutes, maximum effects are at around 1 hour to 4 hours and the effects may last for around 2 hours to 12 hours.

4-CMC effects:

4-CMC is a stimulant drug. So the common stimulant effects are:

•  Awakening

•  Increased alertness

•  Euphoria

These effects are common. Other than these effects, some other significant physical effects can be seen. This drug is habit-forming. The habit-forming qualities come from the similar structure of amphetamine.

4-CMC contains neurotoxic effects. Some reports suggest that the neurotoxicity comes from the chemical structure. The side effects depend on the subject. From person to person, the effects vary. The effects are listed below:

•  A decrease in want of sleep

•  Increase in social skills

•  Lifts the mood of an individual

•  Concentration and performance gets a boost

•  Sex drive improvement

•  Talks too much

•  Increases the empathy

•  A decrease in the want for food

•  Lose weight

•  Starts to sweat a lot

•  Problematic sleep pattern

•  Random change in mood

•  Aggression

•  Blood pressure increases

•  Body functions get suppressed

•  Carving

•  Pupil dilation

•  Headache

•  Confusion.

When a patient wants to buy 4-CMC drug, they must keep in their mind about the side effects mentioned above.

Buy 4-CMC online

Buying things online is a common thing for us these days. From our day to day goods to the life-saving medications, we all obtain these things from online. It is easy and saves time. But while they save time and energy, many frauds take away our money.

Buy online

While buying medicines online, we can get scammed by these frauds. There are many online pharmacies which sell fake or substandard products which do not treat the disease but also creates many side effects.

To avoid these scammers, we need to identify them. We can very identify a good pharmacy from a cosmetic one. Because most of the rogue pharmacies will sell the medicine without a prescription, any pharmacy who will not ask for an order, it should be avoided for safety.

4-CMC is a prescription medication because it has a high tendency to get addicted buy the consumer. So no pharmacy should sell this medication without a prescription. If one wants to buy 4-CMC online without a prescription, he cannot.

All the registered pharmacies both by the state and the government do not sell the medication without a prescription.

Some online stores sell 4-CMC:

  • Medicine Review

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Some patients have reported that 4-CMC is allergic to them. So the physician pharmacist or doctor must know about that.

The habit-forming nature of this drug is a challenging thing to handle. Due to its habit-forming nature, the prescription must be followed to the point. A little overdose can create serious consequences.

If the product somehow enters our eyes, we may not be able to see for a short time. This medicine will call blurred vision.


4-CMC is a psychoactive drug, which is not very often prescribed. The nature of the drug makes it dangerous. The parent compound is mephedrone.

How anyone can buy this 4-CMC drug is a common question asked. This drug has side effects. Many of them are very dangerous. We should learn about these side effects.

Unless the customer carries a valid prescription, no vendor is allowed to sell this product. Some countries have banned this product. But some of the mind-altering activities are proven to be very useful.


'm Dr. Antonio Fagan As vice president and general manager of Clinical, Data and Provider Solutions, collaborates with the Personal Health Solutions team and Therapeutic Resource Center (TRC) specialist pharmacists, researchers and decision designers to implement programs and protocols to continually improve health outcomes for members.

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