Guide To Buy Mephedrone Online: Facts You Should Know

What Is the most exciting name of a drug you ever heard off? Well, whatever your answer is, let me tell you a name that will force you to think about that once again. “Meow Meow” no I’m not trying to mimic a cat, but that is the name of a drug!

Mephedrone also is known as 4-methyl-methcathinone, or meow meow is the that we are indicating. This Meow Meow is a synthetic stimulant drug. Cathinone naturally found from Kath trees are the natural products. But synthetically the chemical structure is changed into 4-methyl-methcathinone and sold in the market.

Consumers ask the standard question about how to buy Mephedrone.

What is Mephedrone

Mephedrone is a drug which can alter the mind or mental process. They produce social effects and control our distinctive emotional reactions. The facts that another everyday drug Ecstasy (MDMA) shows are quite the same as the Mephedrone.

Mephedrone is an amphetamine and a cathinone mixed activity giving the drug. British Journal of pharmacology conducted a study on this drug. The study suggested the side effects, therapeutic effects and the hazardous effects all are similar to MDMA. The study also states the negative impact of this drug is stronger than MDMA.

Structure of mephedrone

Amphetamine class drugs are drugs that stimulate the Central Nervous System (CNS). Mephedrone also belongs to the same group and have the ability to stimulate the central nervous system.

Due to its ability to work on the central nervous system, Mephedrone is very addictive. The inspiration behind making Mephedrone is Cathinone, a chemical found in the Khat plants. They give similar results to amphetamine and ephedrine.

Why Mephedrone prescribed for

Mephedrone is a beautiful white or yellowish powder. This drug has an awful smell some consumers have compared this drug with cat pee and exhaust fumes. The taste is also terrible and metallic.

Mephedrone is a psychoactive drug that temporarily enhances the mental ability of the consumer. This character increases acceptance to the consumers.

The drug is restricted. Pharmacies do not sell this drug without a prescription.

The stimulation effects of this drug are used for various therapeutic classes. The following activity of the drug is used to boost:

• alertness

• restlessness

• euphoria

• excitement

• the urge to talk

• openness

• sex drive

•  Paranoia: people begin to distrust others

•  Hallucinations

•  Viagra effects

• Panic attack

• Excited delirium- suddenly shows extreme agitation and violent behaviour.

Some people who took these medicine have said, they feel more energetic. Even the consumers start to talk more, and they seem more alert.

Mephedrone effects

There have been reports on the adverse impacts of Mephedrone. The results that work on the heart, kidney and arteries. The most common side effects are:

Anxiety or paranoia: 

 Paranoia or anxiety: They produce negative psychological episode by acting on the nervous system. The events stop upon the drug leaving the system, but there is no guarantee about the long term impacts.

Sweating and dehydration:

When Mephedrone enters our body, it produces sweating and dehydration in us. This sweating is because of the stimulant effects that the drug exerts. Dehydration results due to excess sweating.


The increased alertness or elevated mental stress can be puzzling, and that leads to a sensation in our stomach. This feeling is known as nausea.


Agonizing pain is reported after this drug is administered. The dehydration can also trigger this headache.


Most people who said the common side effect is seizures. Random and uncontrollable seizures prove to be problematic. Seizures can occur when no one is around, and this is very unsafe.

Heart and circulatory problems:

The drug puts too much pressure on the heart muscle. Over stimulant, the property does this. Poor circulation can change the colour of lips and fingertips.

Mephedrone on hand

Buy Mephedrone online

Buying things online is a common thing for us these days. From our day to day goods to the life-saving medications, we all obtain these things from online. It is easy and saves time. But while they save time and energy, many frauds take away our money.

While buying medicines online, we can also get scammed by these frauds. There are many online pharmacies which sell fake or substandard products which do not treat the disease but also creates many side effects.

To avoid these scammers, we need to identify them. We can very identify a good pharmacy from a rouge pharmacy. Because most of the rogue pharmacies will sell the medicine without a prescription, any pharmacy who will not ask for an order, it should be avoided for safety.

Mephedrone is a prescription medication because it has a high tendency to get addicted buy the consumer. So no pharmacy should sell this medication without a prescription. If one wants to buy Mephedrone online without a prescription, he cannot.

All the registered pharmacies both by the state and the government do not sell the medication without a prescription.

Some online stores sell Mephedrone:

  1. https://

Mephedrone bath salts where to buy

Mephedrone is available in a variety of forms and brand names. Bath salt of Mephedrone is one of the commonly used brands. Mephedrone bath salts are available in many online sources and different kinds of local medical outlets.

There is a lot of online sources in which Mephedrone bath salts are available. A person must buy Mephedrone bath salts from a trusted and licensed online shop.

Buy Mephedrone bath salts online is a more comfortable and convenient way rather than buying it from other local sources. Before buying Mephedrone bath salts, a person has to compare the price and quality of the product.


There are warnings to this medication. There is an effect of long term usages. There are many reports which show death in the UK from taking Mephedrone. Cold fingers and lips are reported after administration.

Short time effects have made people hospitalized. Snorting Mephedrone causes nose bleeding. Overstimulating can cause damage to heart and trouble in circulation.

Due to these reported problems, precautions must be taken.


Mephedrone is a prescription drug. This drug temporarily changes the mental functions, physical functions etc.

Due to its effect on the central nervous system, consumer needs to be careful of the dosing. There are not many trusted online vendors to buy Mephedrone. All should be careful when using and buying Mephedrone.


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